“Yeah, someone kept me up several times.” Flex followed
Marisa over to her trailer. “Where you going? Stay and
talk to me.”

“I’m going to feed Jack. He’s getting fussy.”

“Feed him out here.”

“Out here in the open?”

The black man grinned. “Sure why not? There’s no one
here and I’ve seen your tits. I’d like to see them one
last time.” He saw her hesitate and added. “Come on,

“What if John or the others comes back?”

Flex winked at her. He climbed onto the picnic table
bench and then stepped onto the table, looking out
towards the beach. “John and Grant are just putting on
their snorkels and Candace is watching them.” He jumped
down. “It’s safe so whip the girls out.”

Marisa untied the back of her bikini. The strings slid
off her shoulders, followed by the cups. Her hard,
elongated nipples sprang free. Jack smacked his lips
loudly, causing both Flex and Marisa to laugh. “Hungry
are you?” she said to her baby. She set Jack down in his
swaddling blanket on the picnic table. She bent leaned
over the table and lowered her nipple into his mouth.
She gasped when his lips latched over her nipple and he
started sucking. “This is called the dangling position.
It helps-AH-drain my breasts and AH-void blockages.”

Flex looked at the sexy redhead leaning over the table
with her legs spread and her ass thrust upwards. Her
perfect breasts pendulously hanging down almost to the
table top. The baby was the only thing ruining the
picture and that was only because it was a white baby. A
black baby would have been fine. “You sure we’re over?”
asked Flex. “I could come up behind you now and shove my
cock right up that pussy.”

“It was great and I guess I’ve no regrets, but we can’t
keep risking getting caught and I’m not on the pill or
anything. Shoot, for all I know, you might already have
knocked me up.”

“Is that so bad? We’d make a beautiful baby together.”

“Flex, I love John. Of course it would be bad. It would
destroy my marriage and leave me to raise two babies on
me own.”

“You could move in with me. I’d fuck you every night.”

Marisa felt a tingle in her pussy. Wow! Sex like that on
a daily basis. “That part might not be so bad,” she
replied. “But I do love John.”

“Whose cock do you love more?”

“You know you’re the better lover, Shane.” Marisa felt a
cool breeze on her wet nipple. She looked down, Jack had
true to form fallen contentedly asleep.

“Whose cock?” he asked again.

“Your cock, Shane.”

“Who owns your white pussy?”

“You Sha… my husband. I’m sorry, but I’m a married
woman.” Marisa stood. “I’m going to go put Jack down for
his nap. If you want, we can talk later.” Marisa walked
to the door of her trailer and opened it. She turned to
close it, but Flex was standing in the doorway. The red
headed wife walked over to the crib and gently sat Jack
down in it. When she turned back to the black man, Shane
had entered her rental trailer and was towering over
her. “Shane?” she asked, starting to tremble.