“Just one last kiss, Isa,” he said, placing his hands on
her hips and pulling her into his hard body.

Marisa didn’t respond. She just turned her head up to
the black man towering over her and he bent down, his
broad flat lips pressing against her soft pink ones. His
tongue pushed against her lips and she opened her mouth
letting it inside, her own tongue pushing back. Her
nipples pressed into his hard abdominals as he kissed
her. His hands left her hips and slid up her waist. She
could feel her panties fall to her feet. He’d untied
them while they kissed.

The hands slid up to cover and squeeze her large chest,
pinching and teasing her nipples. She felt them squirt
milk into his hands, one hungry baby was never enough to
drain them. He stepped back a little, but kept kissing
her while one hand left her breast and traveled down her
flat stomach to her bushy red pubes. The tip of his
finger pressed against her opening, feeling her heat and
her wetness. Marisa gasped as his finger pushed into
her. He moved it in and out slowly and before she knew
it, she had cum all over his big digit, her juices
soaking his hand.

That was all it took. Marisa melted into his arms. Her
own hands reaching into his shorts to feel and caress
his growing cock. She pulled it free and pushed his
shorts down.

Marisa broke their kiss first, falling to her knees and
taking the head of his cock in her mouth. Flex gasped as
she started sucking him with abandon, her lust for his
cock growing, turning into desperation for his seed. He
gently ran his hands through her red hair while she
sucked him deeper and deeper into her mouth. He let her
suck his cock for several minutes before pushing her
back and pulling her to her feet.

Flex backed her over to the bed. She fell on her back
and he climbed on top of her. She reached down between
his legs to stroke his cock, still amazed at its size
and power. “Put it in you,” he ordered.

Marisa guided it over to the entrance to her pussy and
gasped as the head pushed her pussy lips inward until
she opened enough to take him inside her. He worked his
cock around. Loosening her up before pushing it deeper.
Marisa had yet to let go, she felt his shaft sliding
back and forth through her hand. She felt it’s heat. She
felt it throb with every beat of his pulse along the big
blue vein that crisscrossed it. She felt it’s wetness as
her pussy continued soaking it.

Each time he pushed forwards, her pussy opened more and
inch after inch of his cock slid through her hand to
enter her pussy until her fist was trapped between her
pussy and his crotch. She released it and he buried his
cock home. “Aaahhh!” she moaned contentedly. “So full.
So big. Fuck me Flex. Fuck me with that big black cock,”
she muttered.