Marisa’s eyes grew wide as she snapped out of her
daydream. Their time earlier that day on the beach
blanket would be the subject of many of her dreams for
the rest of her life. Her thighs were damp. Just
thinking of him had made her wet again. She wondered how
much of her wetness was the black man’s seed. His semen
had been leaking from her womb in drips and drabs all
afternoon. Her nipple sprang free and she looked down to
see that Jack had fallen asleep as he always dead while
nursing. She kissed his forehead and put him down to
sleep in the portable crib. Marisa pulled her top back
on and then went out to join the others.

“Wanna play?” asked John.

“Deal me in,” she replied. Marisa retrieved another can
of beer, impressed by how much the others had already
drunk. She popped the tab and took a sip.

Flex reached into his pocket and pulled out a big fat
joint. “It’s HIGH time we got this party started,” he
said, receiving only a few chuckles at his pun. He lit
the joint and passed it to Grant. Grant took a big drag
and handed it to Candace. John looked at his wife for
permission. He was already showing the signs of being
quite drunk and certainly didn’t need to get stoned on
top of the beer, but Marisa nodded for him to go ahead.

He happily accepted the joint from Candace and took a
long drag. He swayed in his seat as he held it in, eyes
closed. Her husband’s lower lip was sucked inside his
mouth. As his lips became wet from drinking, John would
start sucking it inside his mouth without realizing it.
He also had a weird habit of holding his head down when
he was drunk and he was looking down as he passed the
joint back to Flex.

Marisa squeezed in between Candace and her husband. She
didn’t want to sit beside Flex, but instead found
herself sitting across from him and his eyes went right
to the cleavage the tight dress displayed. Her already
hard nipples popped out like to erasers under his
scrutiny, she felt them start to leak.

The joint passed under her nose several times. She was
never one for drug use so it wasn’t a great sacrifice to
pass on taking a hit because she was a nursing mother.
Still, it wasn’t long before she started feeling really
good and giggling a little as she began to get a contact

Everyone was drunk and stoned. Marisa watched as Grant
leaned over and kissed Candace. They began to make out.
His hand came up and squeezed her breast through the
bikini top. She reached out and pushed it away, but
stood up and took his hand. She led him towards their
trailer. Marisa watched them go.

“Quarters?” asked Flex, producing a shot glass and
bouncing a quarter into it.