“Soundsh like fun,” said John, drunkenly.

“Where do you two think you are, back in college?” asked

Flex laughed as John missed the shot glass by six
inches, his quarter rolling off the table and falling
into the sand. Flex scored two consecutive shots into
the glass and John did the two shots. John missed again.
The trio paused when the sounds of love making started
coming through the open windows on Grant and Candace’s
trailer. They listened and broke out laughing.

“I thinks we should head inshide,” slurred John. He
pushed off from the table and nearly fell. When he
stood, his crotch was tented out. Listening to his
friend’s fucking had made him horny.

“I’ll be right in,” said Marisa. “Let me finish my

“I’ll be waiting.” He leaned over and kissed her on top
her hair. He rarely showed public affection unless he
was drunk and horny.

Just as John disappeared, Marisa felt a big strong hand
on her knee under the table. She yanked her leg away
from Flex’s grip and quickly stood up. Letting John
leave her alone with his black friend hadn’t been a good
idea. Through the window, Candace’s cries grew louder.
“AH AH AH ARGGHHH!” The last had been a groan of

“The minute man strikes again,” said Flex. “Sounds like
Candy could use a little of what you got earlier.”

“Sssh,” said Marisa in alarm while holding her finger
over her lips. She turned and quickly entered her
trailer. Marisa gave a quick glance at Jack to make sure
he was still sleeping soundly and then turned her
attention to the bed. John was completely passed out and
snoring softly. He was naked lying on top the bed, his
legs hanging over the edge as if he’d just collapsed
asleep after pulling his underwear down. He still had
socks on his feet.

Listening to Grant and Candace having sex, her contact
high, and thinking about the big black man had her horny
and ready for sex. Plus, the guilt she felt over
cheating on John had her wanting to make it up to her
husband in some way. John’s penis if anything looked
smaller than normal. His earlier erection was completely
gone and his penis had shriveled up, shrinking into his
scrotum. Marisa reached out and fondled it, but neither
John nor his penis stirred at all.

Compared to Flex, John’s penis looked like it belonged
on a little boy and as horny as she was, there was no
desire in her whatsoever for his penis. It wouldn’t have
satisfied her if it had been fully erect, not when there
was a real man’s penis just a few feet from her. Why
would she want this small shriveled white thing when
there was a big steel hard black shaft more than willing
to fuck her again? Flex had cum three times earlier that
afternoon, yet somehow she knew that he wouldn’t have
any trouble getting it hard for her again. Marisa
stepped away from John and headed outside to his waiting
black friend.