Flex had spun around on the picnic bench so that her was
facing away from the table. He was leaning back into the
table, elbows on it and a beer bottle in one hand. He
looked over at her, but Marisa held her finger up to her
lips so that he would stay silent. The lovely married
redheaded mom walked over to her husband’s black friend.
He stared at her, wondering what she was up to, but
there was a knowing grin on his face. His eyes locked
with hers as she reached out and lowered the straps of
her dress off her shoulders.

The summer dress fell down, exposing her bare breasts,
ribs, and belly, but catching on her hips. Flex leaned
forwards, his massive black hands grabbing the
undersides of her DD breasts, squeezing and kneading
them. Marisa sucked her lower lip into her mouth to
stifle a loud moan of desire. Her already hard nipples
swelled up even more under his pinches, milk forming at
the tips. He grabbed her waist, pulling her closer,
burying his head in her tits.

Her pussy started leaking profusely. She could feel the
wetness soaking her thighs. Flex sucked one nipple
between his big lips and pulled back, stretching her tit
out as her milk squirted across his tongue. Flex
switched breasts and sucked more of her mother’s milk
into his mouth. Marisa couldn’t help herself and let out
a loud squeal of relief. Any reprieve in the pressure
inside her milk full breasts was an immense relief to
the young mom. However, her nipples were so sensitive,
she couldn’t take any more of his lips, tongue, and
sucking. She pulled back from his grasp.

Marisa looked down and wasn’t surprised at all to see
the large tent in his shorts. Flex leaned back as she
fell to her knees and he opened his legs for her. His
shorts were grey cotton with a stretchy band. It was
easy to pull them out and down. His swollen cock head
came into view and then inch after inch of shaft. He
assisted her by lifting his hips so that she could pull
his shorts down his entire shaft and down to his knees.
His outsized balls hung down over the edge of the bench.

Marisa reached out and grabbed his hard shaft pulling
the mighty black cock off his abdomen. She looked up at
him as she leaned forward and licked around the tip of
his swollen cock head. She started sucking the end,
still looking at him. His stare was intense, both
possessive and dominating. She wanted to taste his seed
again. Her first taste had only wetted her appetite for

Marisa broke eye contact as she sucked his shaft deeper,
his cock head pushing past her tonsils. She stared
cross-eyed down his shaft watching his pubes growing
closer to her nose with each bob of her head, but then
her eyes wandered up his stomach to his hard muscles and
she couldn’t resist touching him again. Her free hand
slid up his thigh to his hard stomach and the ridges of
his six pack abs. Marisa shuddered as she stared at her
white arm and hand on his dark black body. Her desire to
taste him again was superseded by her need to have his
cock in her pussy again. Marisa released his shaft and
placed her hands on her knees pushing herself up.