“I knew you’d want some more of this,” said Flex, his
eyes watching her lift the hem of her dress up and slide
her panties down her legs.

“You knew more than me then.” She straddled his legs.
“What made you so sure?

“Well ya know what they say about black men.”

“What’s that?” She reached down and grabbed his shaft,
lining it up with her pussy.

“Once you go black you never go back.”

“I’m not so sure about that.” Marisa lowered herself
over the head, feeling it push against her labia. She
didn’t need any more lubrication, but it still was a
tight fit. Her pussy lips pushed inside her and began to
spread apart around his big golf ball sized cock head.
“But I do know one thing. Once you go Flex, you’ll
always want sex.” She let gravity take over and his cock
pushed deep inside her.

“Now that’s what I’m talking about,” growled the
delighted black man. He loved having his ego stroked.
“My pussy came around begin for more.”

“I’m not so sure about that either,” said Marisa, a
smile on her face.

“What do you mean? This is my pussy ain’t it? You’re my
slut.” Flex grabbed her hips and pulled her all the way
down his shaft until she was sitting in his lap.

Marisa closed her eyes and stifled a moan as she
trembled in orgasm. Yes, yes, screamed her mind. This is
your pussy Flex, but she wanted to tease him. “No Flex.
You’re my slut. I own that big cock of yours.” Marisa
started riding him, bouncing in his lap. “When my pussy
gets hungry, you’re gonna feed it some cock. You hear
me, slut?”

“I hears ya. My cock’s done turned you into a cock crazy
whore.” He buried his face in her breasts and started
licking and sucking her nipples. Being a professional
weight lifter and model, Flex had never lacked for women
to fuck. Fucking was probably his number one skill. He’d
had hundreds of women at this point, but out of all of
them, Marisa had the most magnificent breasts. She was
in the top ten for tight wet hot pussies too. He loved
her pale skin and her flame red hair too, but it was her
breasts that he couldn’t get enough of.

The last dozen or so women he’d been with had all had
smaller breasts with Lola being down right flat-chested.
It had been a couple years since he’d a woman with such
a great pair of breasts and she had been a stripper with
implants. Marisa’s large pale white mounds were just too
good to be true and her nipples were amazing too. They
hardened easily and were ultra sensitive clearly helping
her have bigger orgasms when he teased them with his
cock buried in her. She wasn’t his first lactating mom
either, but he’d never fucked a woman who produced so
much milk so quickly.