“Feed my pussy, baby,” she whispered, grabbing his hair
and pulling his head off her breasts. Give me my cock,
slut,” she said, looking into his eyes. Marisa leaned
down and they kissed again, deeply and passionately.
Marisa’s pussy spasmed all over his cock as she came
again. She kept her licks locked with his, but her lips
quivered as she came. She had a lifetimes worth of
orgasms after only a day with Flex, but as satisfying as
each and every orgasm was, her body was insatiable
demanding more, wanting his cock to fuck her forever.

“Gonna cum,” he grunted.

She knew he was close. She could feel his cock growing,
swelling, and the two fingers pinching her right nipple
were squeezing even harder as he fought to keep from
cumming. Her pussy wanted one last orgasm and she knew
from earlier that the big ones came from having his cock
go off in her womb. “In me,” she whispered, breaking
their kiss. “Cum inside me. Give me your seed.” The
damage had already been done and she figured having him
cum inside her once more wouldn’t hurt anything.

His cock exploded as she slowly rode him. The second she
felt his cum flooding her womb, she let her pussy slam
down in his lap while his spurting cock triggered one
last big orgasm. Marisa collapsed in his arms, panting
heavily. “Your cock is so good, Flex,” she gasped.

“Don’t you mean your cock,” he whispered back, laughing.

She giggled too. “I don’t know what came over me. I
think I’m a little high.”

“Well we need to get you stoned more often. Come into
the trailer with me. I think I got one or two more in

“You’re amazing, but I can’t leave Jack.” Marisa
dismounted, feeling every inch of his still swollen cock
leave her pussy and missing every inch of it. She slid
off his lap when it plopped out and immediately felt his
semen began pouring out of her pussy. “We can’t keep
doing this Flex.”

“Come on, baby?”

“Not that I don’t want too. I’ve never wanted anything
more, but it’s too risky. All John has to do is wake up
and look out the window to see the mother of his child
fucking his friend. I can’t do that to him. I can’t do
that to Jack. I can’t risk you knocking me up. If I was
100% sure it was safe, I’d fuck you again, but it’s just
too dangerous. This is the last time. Goodbye Shane.”

“Goodnight Isa,” said Flex, refusing to say goodbye.
“I’ll leave my door unlocked.” She turned to look at him
and they grinned at each other before she disappeared in
her trailer.

Fifteen minutes later, Marisa broke her promise to the
black man. She checked on Jack and found him happily
sleeping. John was still passed out naked on the bed.
His penis was still shriveled and shrunken into his
scrotum. It pained her to think it, but the word
“pathetic” sprang to mind as she looked at it. But it
was pathetic compared to the black man’s cock. Flex’s
soft penis was bigger than John’s when he had a full
erection. She used the toilet, attempting to urinate her
pussy free of the voluminous seed of the black man. She
tried to squeeze out the rest, but there was still
plenty trapped behind her cervix. She probably was still
leaking some of his sperm from their afternoon encounter
and she’d be leaking the latest deposit for another day
or two.