She cleaned herself up as best she could. She heard Jack
cough, but the cough wasn’t coming from her baby. It was
coming from the baby monitor. She checked on Jack, but
he was still sleeping as was John, her contentedly
snoring husband. A grin spread across her face as she
grabbed the baby monitor and snuck out of her trailer.

Flex was laying nude on the bed in his cabin/trailer.
The arrogant prick didn’t seem shocked to see her open
his door. He nodded knowingly when he saw her put the
baby monitor down on the table. Marisa pulled the dress
off over her head and shook her head in amazement at the
sight of Flex’s cock already rising to attention just at
the sight of her nude body. The man was certainly gifted
in the sex department. Flex possessed not just size, but
stamina, recovery, and the volume of his cum hadn’t
lessoned one bit regardless of how many times he

“I want you again,” she told him.

“I know,” said Flex, sitting up on the bed, his mighty
cock rising up between his legs like a hard missile.
“Get on the bed.” He got off and watched Marisa crawl
onto the bed. “Stay like that. All fours. I’m gonna take
that pussy doggy style, slut.”

Marisa shuddered and her pussy started gushing at his
words. As much as she enjoyed playing with him and
taking control earlier, this was the natural order of
things. The alpha male was taking the dominant role
again. “Fuck me, Flex. Fuck your pussy.” Strong black
hands, grabbed her hips and pulled her towards the edge.
Standing, his cock was perfectly lined up to penetrate
her. She felt the big tip of his cock poking at her
pussy lips once again. “Soooo gooood,” she moaned as his
cock entered her again.

Flex grabbed her hips and pulled her into his cock each
time he thrust forwards. Soon he was fucking her hard
and she was creaming all over his thrusting shaft. “You
like this cock, slut?”

“OH GOD YES!” she cried. “I love your big cock.”

“Better then John’s?”

Marisa hesitated. She loved her husband and didn’t want
to disrespect him, but Flex’s cock was already bringing
her to the brink of another orgasm. She told him what he
wanted to hear. She told him the truth. “I love your big
black cock better then John’s.” And she came. She came
hard. Her fluids soaked his still thrusting shaft,
dripping from her clit to his bed. Her pussy quivered
and vibrated around his cock, her muscles squeezing the
thick black shaft in an effort to make him cum inside
her. Marisa’s front arms collapsed and her head fell to
the bed, her ass staying up as Flex continued fucking
her hard.

“Will you do anything for this big black cock?”

“Anything,” she moaned. “Anything you want, Flex. Just
as long as you keep fucking me.” He jerked his cock out
making her feel empty inside, but there was also some
relief. She was starting to get a little sore from being
so stuffed with cock multiple times that day. Her
orgasms were starting to exhaust her too. But when she
felt Flex’s cock head pressing against her anus, she
immediately wanted it back in her pussy. “Wait! Not
there. Flex, it’s too big. I’ve never been…