Candace slipped out of her cabin/trailer and walked over
to the picnic table. She was completely nude except for
one of Grant’s long tee shirts and if she’d reached
upwards, the hem would have flashed her beaver, but she
wasn’t expecting anyone in their group to still be
awake. She was carrying her little purse and she reached
in for a cigarette and lighter as she walked over to the
picnic table. Just as she reached the bench, her dainty
bare foot, stepped in something wet and sticky. She
wrinkled her nose, not knowing what it was, but knowing
that it wouldn’t be pleasant and wiped her foot in the

She sat on the bench and lit her cigarette. Grant didn’t
know she still smoked or at least pretended he didn’t
know after she promised to give them up several years
ago. She now only smoked when she felt stressed out or
frustrated. Grant had left her hanging again. Just when
she started to get into it, he groaned and filled the
condom with cum. She kept humping him, feeling an orgasm
starting to grow, but Grant’s penis had grown too
sensitive and he’d had to pull it out.

Candace was left unsatisfied once again. She wished
she’d had him go down on her fist, she’d sometimes cum
when he tongued her pussy, but he didn’t enjoy it and
even though it felt good, she found it dirty also and
only returned the favor on Grant on special occasions.

She sighed, feeling horny and wishing she’d brought her
dildo along. She started hearing grunts and moans.
Candace looked around. All was quiet in Marisa and
John’s trailer, but then according to Marisa the only
noise that ever came from their house at night was Jack
crying. The noises were coming from Flex’s cabin.
Candace shook her head. How the hell had he found a
woman to fuck so quickly? She got off the bench and
walked closer to Flex’s cabin.

“Too big!” cried the woman. “It hurts… it hurts sooo

“Like that black cock, slut,” growled Flex. “Take some
more then.”

“Oh god! I love it,” screamed the woman. “Shove it up my
ass. Fuck my ass.”

Candace stepped back in shock. The woman inside was
getting sodomized! What a disgusting slut!

“Let’s see how much of this big black cock you can

Candace took a drag as she listened. The light was on,
but the only window was around the front and she didn’t
want to risk getting caught. She kept listening, wincing
when she felt her fingers burning as the cigarette had
burned down. She dropped it in the sand. Flex continued
sodomizing the woman for another fifteen minutes, but
they quit talking and the only noises coming from the
trailer were moans and grunts and Candace swore she
actually heard the slut inside have an orgasm from
having Flex’s penis shoved in her ass.