“Here it cums, slut.”

“Seed my ass, you big black stud.”

Candace backed away from the cabin. She turned and
hurried into her own cabin. She slipped inside and
peered through the window expecting the woman would be
leaving soon. She didn’t how the hell Flex would have
found a slut willing to let him fuck her ass so quickly
after they’d all gone to bed that night. She wouldn’t
have put it past Flex to have called a prostitute. Lola
had told her that Flex seemed to actually need to get
off several times a day.

Candace waited by the window, but the slut with her
husband’s black friend never emerged from the cabin. She
gave up and returned to her bed, pulling off Grant’s tee
shirt. When she did, she was surprised to see her
nipples were completely hard. Her thighs were damp too.
She slipped into bed beside her husband, hornier and
more frustrated than ever.


“Oh god, my ass is squishing,” said Marisa, standing
nude in Flex’s cabin. She clenched her butt cheeks to
keep his cum from pouring out.

Flex laughed. “One more thing before you go. Lie down on
the bed.”

Marisa moaned. “God, you’re insatiable. I love your
cock, but quite honestly Shane, I’m exhausted.”

“Get on the bed, slut.”

“Yes, sir.”

The over muscled black man climbed on the bed and
straddled her thighs. Marisa was surprised that for once
his cock was fully erect. It was a thick soft black
banana somewhere between nine and ten inches long.
It fell out from his bushy black pubic hairs to lay like
a sinuous black snake across her belly. “Grab my cock,”
he ordered.

Marisa obeyed. On her back, her breasts tended to fall
over her sides they were so large and full. She snaked
one hand down her chest between her breasts and grabbed
the coiled coal black shaft. It stiffened at her touch.
She slowly caressed it and stroked the thickening shaft
until she was once again holding his full revived 12-13
inch steel hard cock. He surprised her again.

This time by not sliding back between her legs and
guiding his cock to her pussy, but by sliding forwards
until he was over her crotch. She winced when he spit in
his hand and started coating his cock, masturbating it
as he looked down at her breasts. He released his
glistening cock and reached down to heft the sides of
her breasts, squeezing them together. “What are you
doing?” she asked.

“I’m gonna titty-fuck these big bitches.” His cock was
rampant, proudly thrust upwards. “Pull my cock down
between dem titties.”

Marisa reached out for his cock and bent it down between
the huge canyon of her breasts. He immediately squeezed
the soft flesh tighter around his shaft, holding his
cock in place. Once it was secure, he started pumping
his cock between her tits. The head banged against her
chin and then it was sliding up over her lips. She
licked the underside each time it passed her lips.