Do you remember when you first started to develop sexual interests? The first girl I ever thought was attractive was Wilma from the TV Series Buck Rogers. I wanted to be Buck Rogers just cause I wanted her to be my girl. The facts of the show however didnt match up and I wouldnt have been old enough to be an astronaut by 1984 to be on a space shuttle that got lost and recovered centuries later. Then there was the other standard, Genie from I Dream of Genie. Mary Ann and Ginger. The girls on Brady Bunch. I remember wacking it to all these shows at a young age. Remember TV when a show was on at a certain time and you had no fucking choice what was on and you also couldnt pause it? Well thats of course until VCR’s made it into every home. But the problem there was you could record something but when you went to pause it, the frames were sometimes blurry from too much movement or those hazy lines were scrolling and covered up something important. It was indeed difficult to be a k** of the 70’s and 80’s and wack it to TV.

At about 9 years old, something happened. Because you had to sort of work on your masturbate the whole length of a TV show, or if something ok came on after the one you started on, the thing you were jerking off to wasnt always on in every scene, so you had to sort of keep the little fella alive until she came back on again and try to finish. This could take quite some time. Instead of waiting for Marsha or Cindy to have a scene, I started to say… well fuck it and finish to the mom or Alice… or Mrs Howell instead of Ginger or Mary Ann. Uh oh, I’m starting to fantasize about the less good looking chicks in my shows. My friends. My dad. Nobody could find out about this.

Something else started to happen, I started to notice girls in real life that I liked. Lisa, in one of my classes was cute but I remembered she shit her pants in class in 3rd grade and I couldnt get over it. But this other girl that just moved to town, Christie. Wow, she’s perfect. She became my new Wilma. I started coming up with scenarios of how she could become mine. Kind of like in the movie A Christmas Story, though that came out a bit later. But when I saw the movie, I realized that other people do this too. Of course other shows came out on TV, like Different Strokes and you could wack it to Kimberly or Silver Spoons, A Team, Knight Rider, all of those shows had some hot girl you could ruin socks to.

The 3rd thing that happened about this same time. We went on a trip to a waterpark in Las Vegas, I started to notice how black girls had bigger butts than white girls did, but that wasnt all though, they were more round and stuck out. I grew up in a shitty small town and there werent many black girls to look at so this was a new thing for me. Sure I’ve seen a couple at school and stuff, but I’d never seen asses like this before. Hooked.