by williacj

shout out to john cougar mellencamp

A little ditty about fucking Diane
black guy screwin’ a married brunette the best he can
oh yeah her husband’s gone
I long for the thrill of hearin her moanBlack in Diane
I told QVC home essentials expert Diane Urbine that I find her attractive.she shrugged her shoulders.”well i’m taken honey I’ve got k**s and a husband at home” she said showing me her wedding ring.

“well if ever you get divorced or separated” I said as I unzipped my jeans and pulled my underwear down.she looked down at my crotch”oh wow” she said. she ‘s never seen a black man’s dick before”I know you’re already married and Mr. Urbine makes more money than I do has a better job and bigger house than me. but I’m here right now and he’s not.” I told her.

She was impressed that my dick was already hard”was it growing inside your briefs?” she asked.”the moment I saw you it started getting hard Diane” I explained to her”well usually it takes my hubby a long while to get hard but you’re ready to go” she says.She grabbed me by my collar and pressed her lips against mine and we kissed for a good 5 minutes.”I might lose my marriage over this, but i’m gonna get out this blouse and you’d better rip me out of my panties and fuck me into next week Saturday!” she demanded I took my shorts and shirt off as Diane threw her blouse and bra on the floor, I was about to get her out of her clothes when she reached over grabbed my dick and began stroking it

I looked down and saw Diane working her soft pink lips around my dick tip,god I bet her hubby’s lucky to get sucked off every night like this I thought. “mbpfffffft” she mumbled as she worked my dick in her mouth spit drooling down her chin she let go of my cock”god I’m wet already” she told me she pulled her leggings over her sandals and threw them on the floor”get those panties off” I demanded yanking them down.”nail me”she demanded.

“Bend that ass over” I told her she got on all fours and and I pressed my dick against her pussy lips and slid it in slowly.”ohhhhhhhhh!” she gasped she closed her eyes I put my hands on her waist and began pumpin away in her”uhh ..uhhh” she winced”ohhh right there jesus..shhhit!” Mr. Urbine has nothing on me, I know I can make Diane cum

“feel that diane?” I asked” mmmmmm ummmmm” she muttered as she lay there with her eyes closed gettin fucked by my black dick.”when diane does a segment she avoids unwanted hugs from male hosts she says only her husband can touch her.but the way she’s lettin me in her pussy i can’t tell if she’s married or single, but she’s got a ring on and says she’s taken. i beg to differ, she’s getting taken, by this stiff black cock.