In July 2011 me and Julie(both 40) had a weekend in Blackpool , we arrived Friday dinner time , booked into the hotel , showered and changed , Julie wore her blue dress which struggled to contain her tits .Blackpool (fantasy)We then went into town to begin drinking.We started on the main promenade at about 2pm, by 7pm we must of been to close on 20 bars and were quite drunk . We went into Yates’ bar and there was a group of young lads (10 of them) approx. 19- 28 years old on a stag do they were quite lively and dressed as superheroes.They were drinking shots and taking photos. Julie asked them if they wanted a group photo .They stood together and even though Julie was a bit unsteady on her feet she managed to take the pic.They thanked her and asked her to be on one with them, she agreed and after we stood talking and drinking with them . At about 23:45 we were both very unsteady on our feet and slurring quite a lot but the boys asked if we wanted to go to the Flamingo night club with them. I said we were too drunk but Julie was really enjoying herself and wanted to go. I linked one of her arms and “Batman” linked her other we managed to get to the nightclub and I was surprised we managed to get in seeing how drunk we were . The lads got another round of shots in and wanted Julie to dance , my vision was blurred but could see Julie on the dancefloor with Batman, Captain America and Wolverine .She was struggling to stand up and looked like she was going to fall over but from behind Captain America grabbed her , accidentally or not he had stopped her falling by grabbing her tits.she laughed and slapped his hands playfully.They all got a bit playful then , dancing close , grabbing her arse , then grinding behind her , she was loving it . Batman then leant forward to kiss her and to my amazement she responded and started to snog him, Wolverine then pulled her face towards him and he snogged her , Captain America didn’t want to miss out so took his turn .I saw then dancing closer lifting her dress up and playfully taking quick gropes of her tits.At about 2am she could hardly walk so we decided to go back to the hotel, we were both struggling to stay awake and the lads said they would help us Batman and Captain America put their arms around Julie waist and walked with her I walked along side with Wolverine.As we walked I looked over and Batman had got his hand on Julie’s right tit , he pulled down on the dress just by the belt , more and more of her bra was showing until he pulled it so far her it pop out. My wife was walking down the street with her tit nearly on show just covered by a lacy bra and her hard nipple poking through it . Captain America saw this and did the same .We got to the hotel and I got the key card out , we got to the elevator and got inside Julie fell against the back wall and Wolverine held her up and positioned himself in front of her , he started to kiss her and I saw his hand moved up her skirt and rubbed her pussy he then moved his hands up and felt her tits , but wasn’t satisfied with that and pulled her bra down . I couldn’t believe I was standing there watching another man feeling my wife’s naked tits , thinking I should stop them but was too turned on. We got out of the elevator and again they helped Julie to walk but this time she had her tits out so they tried to wobble her as much as possible and started to laugh. We got to the room and I slumped on the sofa near the bed. They stood Julie up , unzipped her dress and pulled it over her head , she was standing there tits out of her bra and knickers , she giggled as Captain America unhooked her bra and they through her on the bed Batman then yanked her knickers off and opened her legs he then started to lick and finger her pussy. Wolverine and Captain America got their cocks out and started to wank , Wolverine then pushed it into her mouth and she started to suck it. Captain America latched on to her big tits. Batman unleashed his big cock and slowly inched it inside her now very wet pussy.She sighed as he entered her and he began pumping away in her.She was moaning with every thrust he did until he went rigid and spasmed as he shot his load inside her . Wolverine said “Me next”and positioned himself between her legs and Captain America moved his cock to her mouth . “For fucks sake , you spunked in her ” Wolverine said ” Oh well sloppy seconds then ” he said . “Fucking Dirty Bitch, I am going to fuck you slag, have this ” he then stated as her rammed his cock inside her .He didn’t last as long as Batman and he pushed his cock right inside her as he cum. “Your Turn ” he said to Captain America , Captain America said “Turn her over” ,”wait let me get underneath “said Batman, they put her face down with Batman underneath her and Cpt. America moved behind her and licked his fingers and started to tease her ass hole , I saw him push his fingers inside and she let out a low scream , he spit on his hand and rubbed his cock suddenly he moved forward and thrust his cock in her ass , Batman was hard again and guided himself into her pussy, Wolverine’s cock was back in her mouth. they were fucking all her holes America came first followed by Wolverine who spunked on her tits then Batman who filled her cunt again. They didn’t say a word got dressed and left .
I couldn’t believe what had happened I had seen my wife fucked by three men and was too drunk to do anything. Blackpool (fantasy) 2Blackpool (fantasy) 3Blackpool (fantasy) 4Blackpool (fantasy) 5Blackpool (fantasy) 6