Tied up and blindfolded to the bed
on my back, spread eagle. Breasts exposed
I hear the door open and close. My fiance is who tied me up but is that who just came in?
I feel a pair of hands on me. Rough and tough hands.
As I feel a hard cock suddenly and violently shoved inside of me I know this is not my fiance
I scream out and the strange man stops my cry by choking me
he slaps my face and tells me to shut the fuck up
I feel him roughly pound my vulnerable helpless cunt with every ounce of strength he has
I am crying and soaking the blindfold, choking back tears and trying not to scream
I feel his face close to mine as he lets out a loud moan almost directly into my mouth
he is cumming inside of my pussy and I have no idea who he is
I feel him get up and shift his weight so that his cock is above my face
he instructs me to clean our cum off of his cock and balls
it tastes salty and creamy, and I happily swallow all of it
I feel him squeeze my breasts once more and then i hear the door open and close
I can hear it open and close again
I call out my fiance’s name but there is no answer
This person doesn’t touch me, I can feel them staring at my naked and bound body
I know they are staring at my vagina, leaking with semen
I hear them start to masturbate
He stares at my used up body, helpless in front of him and he masturbates faster
Without warning his hard cock is inside of me
He immediately cums inside of my vagina
He only wanted to use me as a cum dumpster
I feel him wipe his cummy cock off on my pubic hair and then he leaves too
When I hear the door open again, i hear more than one set of foot steps
one set of hands immediately finds itself on my breasts, pinching and squeezing my nipples
the other has set to rubbing my clit and roughly fingering my cum filled pussy
I try to scream but am immediately cut off by being choked again
One of the men chokes me and squeezes and pinches my right breast
While the other man begins to use the puddle of cum in and around my vagina to lube up my asshole
He shoves his hard cock into my ass with very little care for me
I try to scream for my fiance but I can’t because I’m being choked
he lets go of choking me and while i gasp for breath I can feel the hand that was on my throat travel down
he forces his entire fist inside of my vagina while the other man fucks my asshole
his other hand still firmly squeezing and twisting my breast
his friend explodes cum into my asshole, moaning loudly
he leans down and bites my nipple before getting up
his friend has let go of my breast and taken his fist out of my pussy
he replaces it with his cock, it feels so small compared to his fist
the sounds of his cock sliding in and out of me mixed with the other mens cum and mine is wonderful
he finally cums inside of me too
he wipes his dirty cock all over my face and makes me suck the tip before leaving
When I hear the door open again, I hear my fiance say
“you look so beautiful”