This happened to me and proves there is a lot of truth to the “alpha” “beta” “sissy” thing. And there is a reason there are so many big cock alpha fantasies with betas and sissies.

I was friends with this guy Kyle because he lived close to me and knew one another from school. Even though we were friends, he was more of the alpha bully type toward me. I had started to spend the night at his house some and after I had done so for a while, one of the things he would start doing is sneaking Plaboys and magazines like that and sometimes porn tapes he’d taken. We would check them out and watch them like guys do sometimes, but he later started pulling his cock out and would jerk off like I wasn’t even in the room. His alpha bully personality started to make sense because he had a BIG COCK. To this day one of the nicest cocks I’ve seen. It was about 7.5 inches, thick, and perfectly shaped. It looked a lot like pornstar Preston Parker’s cock and one reason I think he is one of my favorite pornstars. At this point, I was totally straight and liked girls, but Kyle, or mostly his cock really, started to change that and I didn’t realize.

Anyway, that was the first time I’d seen another guy’s cock and, wow, it was WAY bigger than mine. I finally worked up the courage to pull my little dick out and jerk off like he did. I had a crooked, 3.5 inch dick though. Kyle already kind of knew I was a sissy bitch, but that just confirmed it more to him I think. I knew he was the big cock alpha stud and I was a little pussy bitch. I accepted it because it was totally true.

It got to the point to where I started to notice I was checking his cock out more than my magazine. I was in denial, but I knew I liked watching him stroke his big cock and blow big loads of cum. I tried to be discreet about it at first, but he caught me looking at his cock enough that he knew I was a sissy. I was in denial about being sissy bitch, but finally had to accept it when I started jerking off while thinking about his big cock when I wasn’t even around him. I started becoming more bold too. I had wanted to feel how big his cock felt in my hand so I started to occasionally grab his dick “as a joke” like I was shaking his hand or something. He let me do stuff like that not because he was gay or bi or anything. I know it’s because he liked the fact that he was the big cock stud and I drooled over his cock. Looking back, I think the main reason I continued to be friends with him, even though he was kind of my bully, was because he had a big cock and I got to see him jerk off and he was cool with letting me touch it.