She stepped out of the shadows and Bumfelt almost shit himself.
“Detective,” she said, her face briefly visible in the light from the cigarette that she drew on.
“Jesus, lady!” exclaimed the Detective, regaining his composure, fumbling for the keys to his car.
“You want to get a drink?” she said, stepping into the weak light of a failing street light. “You look like a man who’s had a hard day at the office and someone who could use a drink.”
Bumfelt looked her up and down. She looked good. Fuck. She looked hot as fuck. Dressed in a black leather jacket, black pencil skirt, boots and in the weak light he caught a glimpse of pale cleavage. Cleavage is like the sun- you can’t look straight at it- you have to glance and look away. He did. Too late– she’d seen his eyes. She smiled.
“I don’t know about you,” she said, a coy smile on her painted lips, she threw the cigarette to the ground. “But I could use that drink after that interrogation. There’s a bar on twenty-eight and seven. Not too far from my place. What do you say, Detective?”
Bumfelt stared at her. She was one fine piece of ass. Tight little body. Attitude and great legs. Why the hell not?
“Get in,” he said.
She did.
Bumfelt pulled out from the parking lot. He couldn’t help but glance at her Legs. Fingerdoo smiled.
A few hours later, Bumfelt led Fingerdoo from the bar, back to his car, parked in an alleyway. He opened her door. She brushed past him– the slightest touch of a breast on his arm again, like earlier in the interrogation room. Bumfelt shut the door, walked around the car and climbed into the driver’s seat.
“Do you think I’m dangerous?” asked Fingerdoo, looking at him with hungry, slightly inebriated eyes.
“Yes,” replied Bumfelt. “Yes, I do think you’re dangerous.”
“Then why are we here?”
“I don’t-”
“You like the danger don’t you? You’re drawn to it,” she interrupted, turning in her seat. Her skirt hitched up. Bumfelt caught a glimpse of sheer underwear. He looked away.
“You can look, Detective,” said Fingerdoo quietly, shifting her legs open a little more. “I don’t mind you looking.”
He looked.
Sheer black panties, pulled tight against her pussy.
“I like danger,” continued Fingerdoo. “I am dangerous, and that’s what you’re drawn to, but afraid of isn’t it, Eddie?
She traced a manicured finger along his arm. It felt electric. Charged.
“I shouldn’t be doing this, ” said, Bumfelt. “This was a mistake. I’ll take you home and-”
“Are you scared of me, Eddie?”
“Let’s just say that you’re either a person of interest,” replied Bumfelt. “Or you’re a killer and-”
Fingerdoo laughed.
“Isn’t that what makes it exciting?” she interrupted.
“I wouldn’t say-”
Fingerdoo silenced his words with a deep, hot kiss. Bumfelt felt her fingers massage his growing bulge.
“Just let it happen,” she whispered, pulling at his trousers. Seconds later, the trousers and his underwear were around his ankles.
“That’s what I want,” whispered Fingerdoo as his cock became visible. “I’ve wanted it since earlier today. I think that you’re a good man but that you have a bad side, Eddie. I want to feel that bad side.”
Fingerdoo traced a nail along his trembling shaft. She took one of his hands, placing it between her thighs. He could feel her heat through the sheer, gossamer material. Without thinking, he began rubbing at her through her arousal dampened underwear.
Fingerdoo bent and took him in her mouth. A perfect, warm lipstick O. Her tongue pressed against the underside of his cock. She began working him with her mouth. She varied the level of suction and speed and Bumfelt found himself moaning in pleasure. She placed a hand over his, over her vagina, working his fingers under hers into a gentle rubbing motion.
Fingerdoo licked and sucked on the cock, working into a measured rhythm. Her tongue worked its way up and down his shaft, smearing every inch with saliva. Her teeth gently grazed him. Her tongue flicked in and out of the slit.
It was too much.
Her head started bobbing up and down in the detective’s lap. More urgent now. Bumfelt grabbed at the seat with one hand. Needing to hold onto something as the pleasure quickly built. Fingerdoo moaned and rubbed his other hand faster in tight circles on her wet mound.
She pushed his hand away and pulled her panties to one side. She slipped a finger between her lips and worked her clitoris.
Bumfelt moaned and tried to say something. Fingerdoo silenced him, taking her wet fingers from her cunt lips, pushing them into his mouth.
Bumfelt tasted her sweetness and let go- his body shuddering as he climaxed in her hot mouth.
Fingerdoo continued to work his shaft with her mouth even as he let go with his hot juice. She took him to a whole new level, smiling and moaning around his shaft as he came explosively again, moments later.
Fingerdoo slipped her mouth from his cock and swallowed. She licked a little splash of cum from her lips and smiled at the detective.
“Mmmm, now I’m in the mood,” she said. “I only live a few blocks from here.”
Trying to regain his breath, Bumfelt fumbled for his keys, started the car and pulled out of the alley. Fingerdoo told him where to drive and he had to concentrate hard as Fingerdoo sat fingering herself beside him.