Blue Sky was my daughter’s best friend and a total sex goddess. I had to have her!

Blue Sky - My Indian Maiden
My wife died about five years ago, so I’ve been a single parent raising our daughter, Suzy, ever since. She is now s*******n and a very pretty girl and I worry about her and “boys.” I know what they all want, but I’ve raised her to also know what they want and to avoid getting into trouble with them.

Suzy’s best friend, Blue Sky, just turned eighteen and is a real knockout! She’s about five-six, has a great teenage body, nice breasts that she loves to show off by going braless as often as possible, and has the most gorgeous blue eyes I think I’ve ever seen! They are a deep sky blue with a very dark ring around the outside. Just stunning!

But her greatest asset is her long jet-black hair. It is straight, never a curl or wave, and is down to the middle of her back. It is SO glossy that it almost looks wet, and I just know that (if I could touch it) it is soft and sexy feeling. I have this fetish when it comes to gorgeous long hair and Sky’s hair has always been an obsession of mine. I guess her being half Native American has a lot to do with her having such beautiful hair.

She is always around visiting Suzy and has always flirted with me since the first day we met. I flirt back but laugh it off as being innocent playing around. But she is relentless…and she knows or suspects that her hair is a turn-on for me. She only wears it two ways: either down with long bangs reaching down to her eyebrows, or she wears it up in a ponytail, which drives me crazy! I don’t know what it is about a ponytail that is SO arousing for me! When I see her hair pulled back above her ears and pulled up from behind her ears, I just want to grab her and run my tongue all over her head, tasting and feeling her hair.

I think Sky knew this. At least she knew something was up with me and her hair. One time, just once, my hormones got the best of me and I reached out and ran my fingers through her hair. I started at the crown of her head and ran my fingers all the way down through it. God, it was SO arousing! But I had to immediately make an excuse.

“Gosh, I’m sorry Sky! Your hair is just SO gorgeous and I just had to see if it felt as nice as it looks. It was a dumb thing to do and I apologize.”

“Don’t apologize, Bill. Everyone seems to like my hair. To me, it’s just my hair. It’s what I was born with. That’s all.”

“Well, it is your finest asset and it is always on display, so use it to your advantage.”