Chapter 1 – The Scout CampLike many boys of his age, John was a Boy Scout. Every Easter, his troop went camping, usually to the same place, a paddock in the nearby country. The boys met at the local Scout Hall with their gear, and climbed into the back of a truck. After about an hour, the truck pulled into the paddock, the boys climbed down with their gear, which included their tents which accommodated two boys. They also unloaded the cooking gear and food for the weekend. It was very exciting for them, to get away from their families and do whatever they liked. Their Scoutmaster was quite young, about 20 and they worshipped him. The boys set about erecting their tents in a circle, leaving space for Tom, the Scoutmaster. Bedding consisted of a sleeping bag and some PJs. John shared his tent with his best friend, Pat, who attended the same school.

Next item on the agenda was lunch, and the boys took it in turn to make the meal, meat sandwiches and an apple. The boys tucked in, most having voracious appetites. Afterwards, Tom organised some games for the boys to take up the afternoon. About 5 PM, they set up a camp fire with some going foraging for wood and others lighting the fire. The evening meal was sausages, onions and beans, this being one of thet Scouts favourite meals. After dinner, they had a sing-song and worked their way through the Scout repertoire before heading for bed. Each tent had a torch and the boys were soon tucked up and asleep.

Being rampant teenagers, most masturbated in the warmth of their sleeping bag. However, John and Pat liked masturbating each other, and stroked each other’s cocks. They were quite experienced at this, having practised many times at their own homes. They had also discovered porn magazines, and Tom held open a really sexy picture of two boys performing oral sex on each other.

“Let’s try this.” said John and they wriggled out of their sleeping bags, removed their PJ pants and took their mate’s cock into their mouths. It didn’t take long before they both came, spluttering at the huge volume of cum. They cleaned up, put their pants back on and settled down for the night feeling very happy.

Chapter 2 – The Guides Visit

Next day was Saturday and the Guide Group was coming to visit. At least, six of them and their Leader, Jane. She was gorgeous, unbelievable, something that all teenage boys dream of. She had long legs, a cute rounded arse and the best pair of tits ever. The Guides arrived about 10.30 and the boys had just finished clearing up from last night. Tom went to greet the Guides and show them where they could put up their tent, about 100 yards away from the boys. The girls got busy and Tom left them to it. He then organised the boys to set up the spit for roasting the lamb for tonight. The fire was mainly embers, Tom mounted the side of lamb on the spit and started the rotation. The boys took it in turn to help.