Susan and I have been married for 15 years. We have two
wonderful kids and both of us are in a good profession. A
year ago, our sex life was on the dull side. The
Penthouse and Playboys were not getting it anymore. Susan
worked hard since the children were born losing the
weight and flab. She turned her 36-year-old body into a
fantastic fuck machine. She stands 5’3″, blonde hair worn
in a pageboy style, 115 pounds, blue eyes, 34A-23-35
(later surgically enhanced to a 34D after her 30th

She has worked hard to flatten her abs, lose the weight
and other than a few stretch marks, has a killer body.
Her new body did increase our sexual couplings for a
little while, but I found myself now going onto the
Internet to satisfy my sexual needs. I found myself drawn
to the wife swapping web sites. I would often masturbate
to my thoughts of Susan going down on a strange man and
having him fuck her in the end. I could see my little
Susan giving up that fine pussy of hers to a total

As my web surfing continued, I was also intrigued into
what is called a cream pie. This is where a man reaches
an orgasm inside a woman’s pussy and either he or another
man, fucks or eats the semen out of her pussy. This of
course led me to the accidental/risking pregnancy sites
of where married women took a chance on unprotected sex
when they could get pregnant. Little did I know but Susan
was aware of my web site pages I was visiting. Susan
would occasionally mention that would I like her to fuck
a strange dick?

This would bring on some wild sessions and a huge orgasm
for me. One night during our lovemaking, she pulled out a
black dildo and began to fuck herself with it. She begged
me to fuck her with it. As I did, she would tell me how
much she loved being fucked by that strange dick. After
that night, She finally brought up the fact that she had
found out what I was doing on the Internet.

I confessed that I had wanted her to fuck someone else
and that I wanted to watch. She made sure over the next
few months that this was not a passing fancy, but that I
really wanted to go through with it. She would tell me
while we were fucking, of how men would make passes at
her, since she lost the weight and especially since she
had the boob job. I could just imagine these men having
their way with her, every time it brought a terrific

Finally the day came where she was ready to try it for
real. We placed some ads in the local swinger magazines
and on a web site. We had a long discussion on the do’s
and don’ts. I told her want I wanted to see happen, that
I wanted to have sex with her right afterwards, even go
down on her. Then Susan told me what she wanted out of
this mutual fantasy. She had only been with 2 other men
before me and that she was TOTALLY wired on fucking a
black guy. I was totally shocked!