by williacj

i was in grant park in south Milwaukee exploring when a young teenage blonde saw me and she came over and started talking to me. i asked her has she ever dated a black boy before she said no but she has a few black friends. then she asked me if it’s true that all black guys are well endowed and i told her that’s not true.”besides,size doesn’t matter” i told her.unexpectedly she asked if she could see mine, i was hesitant at first because if we got caught i was in serious trouble.i told her that if we did we would have to quick and quiet about it.i went into the bushes looked around and I pretended I was using the bathroom unzipped my shorts and pulled my underwear to the side and then “you can show me on the bridge” she says as we walked along.
Bridge of thighs
We got to the bridge and I looked around a little paranoid not knowing if we were the only people in this park right now.
“we gotta do this quick” i told her i looked around and then i unzipped my shorts and pulled it out.”omg it is huge”she whispers. i immediately pulled my shorts back up.”wait i wanna show you mine too” she asks she unbuttons her shorts and pulls her panties down a few inches,”nice” i told her.”we can do it here if you want” she whispered.

i started to say no but then i thought well,you only live once so…

I looked around to see if anyone was around.”we gotta hurry up people are going to be coming this way eventually” i told her. i unzipped my shorts and buckled them up slightly so if anyone came i could pull them up quick. i looked around as she pulled her shorts down slightly and then pulled her panties down to her knees.”we gotta hurry up and do it quick.”i said i lubed my dick tip and pressed it firmly against her pussy lips and sank slowly into her pussy”uhhhh.”she gasped softly i gripped her waist and she pushed back against my hard on”uhhhhh right there yes yes it feels good’ damn it girl!” i mumbled” i’m gonna go slow” i whispered.” just keep doing it “she pleaded “faster?’ i asked “uh huh, i can feel it, all of it give it to me” she demanded.”urghh shit” i grunted i held her waist as i drove my dick into her warm tight pussy she leaned forward holding onto the bridge for support. she has a tight butt so my thrusts into her would not include the iconic sounds of flesh slapping against each other”uhhhhhh ahhhhhhh” she moaned as i grabbed a handful of her hair and started pumping the shit out of her teen pussy from behind.I gave her ass a smack and a firm squeeze I’ve never fucked a girl in a public park public it was indeed an adrenaline rush not knowing if someone was going to show up or not. i kept probing her pussy then i heard people talking”shoot someone’s coming,pull your shorts back up quick!.”i said i pulled my shorts and underwear up quickly hoping no one saw us doing anything on that bridge.she looked over at me”that was fun, and we didn’t get caught”she says as a couple jogged past us and said hello as they passed, not knowing seconds ago we were having sex on that bridge.