“Danny! Hurry up!”

“For fucks sake Sean, would you chill out? You act like you’ve never seen a pool before.”

“Not one that was actually clean and full enough to swim in! Now come on!”

Danny sighed and rolled his eyes as his twin brother raced ahead of him, bare feet slapping on the pavement outside the motel they were at. This one just happened to be in Mississippi and close enough south that even the crappy cheap motels had real pools for the tourists. Sean was right. Most of the places they stayed didn’t even have one and the ones that did looked like they belonged in horror films. Sean loved to swim. Danny didn’t know where he’d picked it up, but the nerd went ape for it every chance they got.

In fact the rarity of the occasion meant that neither had proper swimwear. Cutoffs would just have to do. Dad was passed out in the room but the last thing he’d said, while Sean was trying to get out the door, was that Danny had to go with him to make sure overzealous little Sean didn’t drown. Sean and Danny were both 18 and knew how to swim. Dad probably just wanted the privacy for an hour but whatever. Danny didn’t care.

Danny didn’t mind spending some time outside. Besides, he wasn’t so much making sure Sean didn’t drown so much as watching him swim, because Sean was entirely different in the water. All those gangly limbs turned sleek and graceful, cleaving the water like a shark, swift and deadly. Dean watched his brother twist and flow, tanned skin wet and glistening in June sun and as usual lately his mind started to wander.

Danny was no stranger to sex. In fact, it occupied quite a lot of his brain and not a small amount of his physical life. His hormones worked and so did his body. He had fantasies, collected porn, jerked off, and had even been with a few girls, unlike his self-confessed virgin of a brother. So imagine his surprise when he’d started having wet dreams about his twin brother.

He knew it was wrong. Knew it was sick. Did everything he could to curb it, get rid of it, but it just got worse. The more intense the dreams got the more he found himself paying attention to Sean during the day. The way the light would catch Sean’s hazel eyes and make the gold stand out. The way his fingers moved when he shuffled cards. The way he smelled, because they still had to share a bed. He’d watch Sean. Then the watching came with fantasies about how Sean would taste if they kissed. How those slender fingers would feel on his skin.

Watching Sean in the pool now Danny could just imagine being in there with him, shoving Sean up against the side of the pool. Finally getting to touch all of that skin, the water letting his hands slide. Hearing his brother say his name with that same breathless whimper the girls do when he does something right. Feeling Sean’s delicate fingers tracing the edge of his shorts.