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was highly disappointed with Joan. And she knew it. Joan comes to me to fulfill her submissive tendencies. I met Joan at work, where she seemed to sense that I had the dominant nature that she desired. Although she is married, she has never asked that I make any attempts to hide the sexual damage that I do to her. Her husband is a pathetic wimp who won’t raise a hand against her, and never questions the various marks and bruises that she “mysteriously” obtains. I have attained immense pleasure from sending her home with embarrassing welts and swellings, knowing that her husband will ignore them, but wonder about what activities could lead to such injuries to her precious body. 

Most of the men at the office are incredibly attracted to Joan, and with good reason. At 27, she still conveys an impressive glamour. She dresses impeccably, with her long, thick brown hair proudly worn down at all times. Her face is curiously flat, and her lips form an appealing, pouting frown. Her manner of dress downplays the size of her breasts, but cannot hide their fullness. She has highly arched eyebrows, and a pert but relatively large nose. Although only 5 ft, 2 inches tall, her legs give an illusion of incredible length and grace. Many have noticed the creamy whiteness of her skin, and the slightly full look of the flesh on her arms. She frustrates the men by walking very quickly, so that most never get the opportunity to drink in her full beauty. 

We maintain a very professional relationship at the office, although I occasionally like to put her in her place. Usually, she submits to my will, but on this occasion, she displayed unacceptable resistance. My demands were modest enough: I merely wished to slap her small ass once as her boss approached us from several feet down the hall. Evidently, she didn’t want to be seen undergoing this by her superior, since he would consider her a slut for not protesting such a clearly insulting and i*****l assault on her treasured body. When she refused, I left her immediately, returning to my office fuming. An hour later, Joan entered my office whispering apologies and explanations. “Don’t bother,” I said coldly. “Tonight you are to come to my house and make amends.” 

“Anything,” she hissed quietly. 

“No safe words tonight.” I told her. “You come and take your punishment or you’ll never receive my administrations again. I don’t need you. There are thousands of women who will gladly submit to my will. When will you ever find a man like me who will give you what you deserve? Not for a long while. How long can you live with the weak tenderness of that pussy you married without crying out for the pain you crave? And how will he look at you then? He’s a good provider, but is he willing to subject you to what you need? No.” Joan looked down sheepishly. “I’ll be there at 7:00,” she said. “Make it 6:00,” I demanded. We need to be finished before the sun goes down.”