Bunny The Slave Wife, Fun down on the farm!
Or maybe we should call it Little Bondage House On The Prairie

“Fuck you look hot!” exclaimed Bunny’s husband as his smoldering gaze travelled up and down his slave wife’s curvy body.

She grinned back at her husband and answered in a soft cute voice, “Thank you Master”.

Bunny was dressed in a plaid shirt, gathered up and tied high on her waist, with its top buttons all undone. Her ample breasts on full display, the areola’s around her pert nipples peeking out. On her bottom half she had on her favourite cowgirl boots and nothing else except a super short jean skirt, that he had chosen, and that barely covered her firm rounded bum. Allowing him to curve his fingers easily around each wonderful smooth cheek and fondle her most intimate parts, as he was doing now.

Standing behind her now, running one hand all around her ass as the other reached around and slipped under her shirt, he cupped one breast and squeezed lightly. His lower hand sliding between her ass cheeks and playing very close to her most tender little hole.

“HHMMM, Master will want to play with this later.” He said, as he pushed one finger two knuckles deep into her tight ass and played with her left nipple. With one final pinch of her nipple, he pulled out his finger. Causing Bunny to moan and throw back her head so it rested on his muscular flannel covered chest.

“Don’t stop Master, please.” She whispered.

“Ahh Bunny, you do like to fuck any way possible, don’t you?”

Bunny just bit her puffy sexy bottom lip, craning her neck back to peer up at her husband and smirked as she nodded back.

“Well my little slave, Master has a whole new experience for you today then. We are heading out to the big field, the fun way!”


‘So this is what he meant by the fun way? Oh noooo’, Bunny thought as she stood there outside the barn. Her wrists were bound with rope in front of her and jammed sideways in her mouth, was the brown leather handle of the nasty little whip her husband was so fond of.

“Now don’t drop that whip Bunny, or touch it! Or you know what will happen, right?” her husband asked as he tossed more rope onto the back of the old hay wagon hooked up to his John Deere tractor.

Bunny slowly nodded her head up and down, keeping a death grip on the whip handle with her teeth. No way did she want Master to whip her with this thing again. She hadn’t been able to sit for days after his last use of it on her. Of course that just meant he had kept her on her knees for days, and we all know what that meant. After a couple days her ass had stopped burning but her jaws had ached terribly…But that’s another story….

“Okay Bunny come on over here, I need to load you up onto the wagon.” Her hubby Master said patting the wooden deck of the hay wagon trailer. A cloud of hay dust dancing in the sun on the old boards.