Fox six news anchor and Real Milwaukee host Angelica Duria was talking about the latest trends in men’s fashion.”a recent article in a fashion magazine says men who wear cargo pants are less likely to attract women than men who don’t,guys you might want to remember this the next time you go out to a social function in cargo pants because you won’t get a date and women won’t find you attractive in those shorts.”she says.

Mr.Diccandu watches fox six wake up and real Milwaukee almost every morning.”that’s what you think woman” he said to himself. as a man who has had many sexual partners he knew there were ladies who would give it up to a man wearing cargo shorts. a month later he was shopping at jcpenney at mayfair mall one afternoon and he ran into her, she was looking at women’s shoes. he went up to her and simply said hello. angelica looked at him and then looked down and saw he was wearing cargo pants.

Can do attitude
“um hi, just to let you know I’m married,already taken” she said immediately. he looked at her and chuckled.”have a good day Mrs.Duria” he told her.

As time went on, her hours increased and family time with her husband and their newborn begin to become harder to come by, angelica decided to leave the house one night and she went out to an east side dance club. she saw him in at the bar chatting it up with some ladies, she went over to him.”hey Angelica” he says as she sat down at his table”um listen i hope i didn’t hurt your feelings by what i said earlier” she told him”hey no hard feelings” he told her. she seemed like she was troubled,he asked her what was wrong and she told him that her and her hubby don’t spend quality time together anymore, he put his hand on hers”angelica trust me things will get better for both of you, just take it one step at a time” he said angelica shrugged her shoulders”I’m concerned about us, i feel so alone right now”she told him.he gave her a hug.”you’re a very lovely married woman and i hope the best for you and Mr.Duria.” he told her.angelica looked him in the eye”can i give you my number?” she asked he nodded and they exchanged numbers.”you look great Mrs.Duria” he told her she smiled “thank you” she replied.

A few days later angelica and her husband got into a long loud argument and she stormed out the house got in her car and sped over to Mr Diccandu’s house. she came to his door sobbing”i really need to talk to you” she said. he opened the door and took her into the living room and they sat down. he told her that things would work out between them”you just have to give it time, time is a healer” he told her. he went into the bathroom to take a shower, angelica immediately went into a corner of his living room and reached under her dress and pulled her panties off and put them in her huge handbag.she walked over to the bathroom door.when he heard him by the bathroom door she knocked.he opened the bathroom door and she stood there with her hands on her hips.
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“Is there anything your dick can’t do?” she asked him. before he could answer she wrapped her arms around his neck and pressed her lips against his. he grabbed her and pulled her into the bathroom shut the door and locked it.she leaned up kissed him and he immediately grabbed her and began kissing her all over her body he pushed her against the bathroom door reached under her dress and fingered her pussy. he pulled his underwear off and put the toilet seat down.”I can do everything.”he says Angelica shimmed out of her dress and set it on the bathroom countertop. she sat down in his lap put her arms around his neck and he lifted her up slightly and inserted himself inside her warm shaved pussy”ohhhhhh aahhhhhh!!” she moaned as she bounced up and down on his dick”yes Angelica ohhhhh”he gasped he smacked her on the ass several times she pressed her lips against his.”yes Duria oh god i thought you were married”he gasped she didn’t even respond she was getting the attention she wasn’t getting from her hubby right now,he nudged her off his lap and went into the bathroom closet took out an thick blanket and he laid it down the bathroom floor”on your back angel” he said Angelica lay on her back he got on top of her and slipped his cock back into her he pinned her to the blanket and began pumping into her”anything the diccandu”he says she wrapped her legs around his waist and kicked her sandals off “auhhhh ahhhhh mmm don’t stop it’s all the way..ohhhh” she stammered she ran her fingernails across his back several times his balls slapped against her pussy lips.
“Mr.Diccandu please ohhh my god my hubby just doesn’t compare to-” she stammered. he looked into her eyes pumping relentlessly into her warm Filipino pussy.”I can do you better than Mr.Duria” he whispered into her ear.