Hot afternoon, I met one of my neighbor’s daughters Valerie from Florida. Tall, lean, a bit wild, not really my type, but I wouldn’t turn it down. After a few drinks and snacks I’d had enough, said my pleasantries and went home to go to sleep around midnight… About 2AM I woke up, couldn’t go back to sleep so I stepped on my screened porch with a cool drink and a smoke. The evening being rather humid and a fair amount of privacy I was completely naked. Not unusual for me to do that in the early AM. I was watching a good porn vid on Pornhub and stroking my dick when was startled as the door opened and and there was Val, with a grin she whispered ” I can help with that! I can’t sleep either.” She pulled off her Sun Dress over her head exposing a perfect body. I spread my legs and offered my hard cock which she held the head and squatted between my legs. “mmm,, you have a great big cock” then licked me from my balls to the tip, savoring a drop of pre-cum. She rolled her tongue around the head and then opened wide to accept the head of my cock. Her mouth was hot and soft. I could feel a tongue ring press into my urethra as she reached between her legs to play with her pussy while stroking my cock with the other hand. Val slowly began to take more and more of my 9″ down her throat until it was buried against my bare pubes. She bobbed up and down the entire length. I was so fucking hard it was almost painful. I could hear her pussy sloshing as her hand was fisting her juicy snatch. She gave me one long hard suck, then stood up, straddled my cock, and lowered that bald wet pussy on my hot throbbing cock. It went in with ease as she buried every inch and began to thrust her clit on my wet smooth pubic area. It took only seconds and I felt that sloppy slimy vagina tighten around my shaft and suddenly it began to throb and pulsate, like it was sucking my cock as she gently moaned in my ear. I felt her juices flow over by hairless balls and down the back of my ass as she quivered and pressed her body against mine. I rammed my cock into her, holding her from withdrawing, as she begged no, no, ..too late, she began to squirt uncontrollably as she pushed away off my cock. She paused. “Damn! Holy Fuck!” she exclaimed as she slid down back between my legs. Grasping my slimy cum cover cock she began to slurp up the juices, sucking my balls, while jerking my cock. I whispered, I’m cumming” and she jerked hard while squeezing my cock. With the other hand she put pressure on my asshole and scrotum. My Nuts drew up inside me, I’m aching to cum. She slipped her finger in my ass to massage my prostate. Valerie began to suck the head of my cock like a fucking vacuum and I exploded with what must have been the longest stream of cum I ever had, then my cock and body went into rapid convulsions of orgasm I’d never felt. Holy fuck, the number of uncontrolled pulses of jets of cum blasted thu my cock is hard to explain as I watched my own cum blow from her nose. She was pounding my prostate and sucking and trying to swallow every drop as some was leaking from the corners of her mouth.I grabbed the back of her head and pressed her face to my soaked pubes and face fucked her hard. I’m still cumming 5 or 6 more times. I felt her finger exist my ass and the orgasms subsided to gentle sporadic pulses, I released her head and relaxed. Val sucked and licked me clean. What a nasty ho. I loved it. The she slid up on me and planted a deep kiss with a mouth still full of cum. We rolled our fluids around in each others mouth and withdrew into a cozy position. Val still holding my cock, we both sighed “Wow”. “Did you like that?” Val asked. Still trying to gain composure I said “Every bit. I’ve never cum like that in my life.” Val replied, “I’ve never swallowed so much cum. That was more cum than I’ve ever swallowed in my life..ever. You’ve got a great cock”. “Thanks.” We just slouched on the loveseat and cuddled, lighting up a cigarette. “You know my Mom is going to work at 8….can I come over when she leaves?” “Absolutely, oh please do” I replied. “I hope you’ll fuck me in the ass. Is that OK with you?..just one thing.. you have to cum in my mouth! You have the best tasting cum ever!” I replied, “after this?, I’ll do anything you want”..