Each and every time I travel on the New York state
Thruway, especially around New Years I fondly
remember an event that still excites me to a
pleasurable erection

My name is Randy and I am a businessman who travels
extensively throughout the northeast with an eye
open for a sweet wet pussy for company. This was
the case on a very cold night just after Christmas
some years back.

I was on a business trip to northern New York State
with two of my support staff when we decided that
we would try to win a little cash. Tom and Ralph
were game and in no hurry to get back to the home
office. Christmas had just passed and with just few
days until new years and we wanted to play hooky
from work.

We had checked in and agreed to meet in the lobby
in an hour so I thought to get a tall drink. Making
my way to the bar I spied a pair of ladies all
alone sipping some wine. I went to the far end of
the bar just a few feet from them listening to
their conversation. As they talked and sipped on
their drinks I worked up enough courage to ask to
join them in their booth and with the right
enticement perhaps we could move up to my room.

To describe the two individually I would describe
the first one was blond with large breasts. She was
dressed in an old fashioned long skirt with a silky
top that just begged to be taken off. This woman
had very large nipples and as the breeze blew
through the bar her nips became very hard. The
other woman had red hair, prominent nose, not too
busty but seemed well shaped, nice legs showing in
a short skirt. She appeared to have some kind of
thigh highs on and the lace tops came visible as
she moved in the booth.

Working up enough courage I approached their table.
I introduced myself and they quickly responded with
their names. The blond was named Tina and the other
was Dee. I bought two more rounds for us and ached
to get some action before my partners got there. It
was easy to see that both were not drinkers. Tina
slurred every word and Dee was looking like she was
about to fall asleep and spoke very slowly. Tina
didn’t flinch as I was working my hand up her

In but a few minutes I had my fingers at the edge
of her panties and still no resistance I pushed the
fabric aside delving into her slick slit while she
sipped on her drink. As I moved my fingers she let
out a soft moan, leaned to me whispering in a soft
but slurred voice, “Perhaps we should get a room.”
As she leaned to me I now took the liberty of
working my hand beneath her blouse wanting a feel
of those tits. Just as I was going to ask her to
join me in my room a loud page came over the
speaker and as you might guess it was for Tina, her
ride was here.