“Sorry Randy, maybe next time you’re in town.”

Dee was all but asleep when I moved close to her
thinking to myself she would leave soon too. I took
the initiative and began talking to her to keep her
awake. She went on about her recent and very
unpleasant divorce. She went on to say how a good
friend took her as well as her two kids in.

I had to ask and out of curiosity I asked her about
her friend Tina. Dee went on to say she had only
known her for a year or so. Tina’s husband is a
friend of her boyfriends. They first got together
at a local beach where the day ended in a super
soaking water fight. The men seemed to enjoy
soaking our tops. Then with a grin she said, “Oh I
bet you wanted to know her cup size, well it’s
double D, 36DD,” she smiled. Damn I said to myself,
I sure would enjoy them.

Well I needed to move quick so I ordered a refill
for both of us as she went on to talk about her
past, high school, strict parents, drinking and all
that goes with a young person. As any American boy
knows, if she is talking about herself just let her
go. Interjecting as she stammered on I inquired as
to her first sexual experience.

Without a breath she talked on as if a dam was
broke. With a slight grin on her face she told me
of a Sunday after church with her first boyfriend.
Her parents invited her friend to church with them
then to stay the day to enjoy a barbeque. As mom
and pop were fixing the dinner Dee and Ted were
making out in the television room.

Ted, with little finesse he worked his hand beneath
her blouse then he pushed her bra up and fondled
her budding breasts. He was nervous as he worked
his fingers under her skirt then rapidly to her

“No Ted you can’t touch me there, besides my
parents might come in.”

“Come on, we will hear them and besides, it’s a
long way out to your picnic area and we can see
them standing there watching the fire.”

She gave in and he fingered her very slick pussy.
Pushing her back on the couch he worked her panties
off and now her skirt was around her waist.

Then, as you guessed it his cock was out. “NO! No,
you can’t Ted.”

“Just let me rub your kitty with the head, I’ll
slip a rubber on.” Before he finished the sentence
he had the skin on his dick and against her cunt.
Just as it was parting her lips the back door
slammed open.

Down went her blouse and skirt, panties under a
cushion, Ted’s boner in his jeans. “See, I told you
we wouldn’t get caught.” Dee saw nothing to laugh