Later that night she laid in bed working her clit
to a frenzy having several orgasms thinking of
Ted’s hard cock.


Two days later Pop was watching a program lying on
the couch and began to adjust the pillows when a
small foil wrapper dropped on the floor. There in
plain sight was the condom wrapper Ted forgot to
pick up before he went home.

Well within a half hour it was family meeting time.
The questions that followed were, as I am sure you
can guess, were very awkward. This was the end for
that relationship as Mom called Ted’s mom with full
details, in fact, she had no boyfriend for the
remainder of high school.

After graduation she went to a local community
college where she met Bill the son of a local
minister, who according to her parent could do no
wrong. Dee went on to say how if they knew him as
she did their thoughts would be very different.
They dated for about six months when he asked her
to go with him to a friend’s camp where he needed
to pick up some athletic equipment for the church.

When they got to the rustic cabin he invited her in
to check it out. Bill took her in his arms pressing
himself against her as he had never done before. It
was very apparent he was excited. Then the bomb
drops as he whispered in her ear, “Dee can I do
something, something special?”

She asked him what he was doing so special? He
probably wanted to french-kiss she thought.

As he answered her she felt his hand going up her
leg. “Dee, I love you so much,” he whispered.

Oh my god this was the first time he had spoken
those words and she was elated. “What something
special do you want Bill?” she probed.

“Dee, I want…” then a long pause.

“Go on Bill.”

“Dee I love you more than I thought I could love
anyone.” As he spoke his fingers now had her wet
cunt lips parted working her clitoris like a
veteran Porn Star. Oh this must be the special
thing she thought but would have to stop him soon.

“Dee can I ask you something?” he continued.

“Yes of course!”

“I want to lay you back on the bed.”

“I can’t Bill, please can’t we wait?”

“Oh I just want to lick your wet pussy.”

She had never heard such talk and though strange
she felt very aroused. Without answering she backed
up to the bed and sat, pulling up her skirt. Bill
was on her lips as quick as he could.

“Oh Dee, you’re soaking wet,” as he lapped and
sucked her clit.

An orgasm came rapidly followed by several more she
went on to describe the pleasurable moaning as she
rubbed her stout nipples until they wanted to pop.