Bill spoke in a low whisper, “Dee, I am going to
fuck you so hard you’ll scream for more.”

Dee couldn’t resist and in went his dick. She told
me she felt frightened at his nasty language and
her body trembled underneath him. He shot his cum
in a rubber then said told her to roll over and
he’d show her a trick.

Over Dee went and he slipped his cock into her ass.
Much to her surprise it felt pleasant then he
pulled out and covered her ass with his jizz. The
time was passing quick and a long ride home ahead
of them so they gathered their clothes and out they
went. Bill stopped quickly, telling Dee he had
forgotten something. “I’ll only be a minute, you go
to the car and I’ll be right there.” Dee got to the
car waited then decided to see what was taking so

“Oh my God!” she said to herself, as she peered in
the window. Bill was talking to two of his friends
who apparently witnessed the entire act. He was
describing how she had reacted as if it had just
happened. Dee went on a tirade, then to calm her
down Bill’s friend warned her if she told anyone
what had happened there would be many stories
spread around town. Then adding insult to injury he
said, “Hey Dee, can I fuck you now, or maybe a good
old blow job?”

“Take me home Bill, NOW!” That was all she said.


A month or so later Dee’s parents were at the local
drug store and unknown to Bill they were behind the
next isle. There he was telling a few of his
friends every detail of that afternoon sex they’d

Long story short it was off to bible collage no
male students just ravenous teachers, old groping
men who just wanted young ladies to ease their
swollen limbs.

At college she roomed with a girl from Texas who
introduced her to the fine art of licking pussy and
how to get good grades.


Two years later, Dee, never forgetting that
exciting afternoon with Bill, bumped into Bill on
her last day at the local Indian Casio, where she
had decided to stay over the holidays. They struck
up a conversation and for some reason, unable to
help herself, Dee began to impart very personal
information about her time away at college, telling
him about her roommate and what they’d gotten up

Bill was good and stiff by the time she’d finished
her store, a little breathlessly. “Dee, tell me
more about your roommate?”

“Oh its nothing,” she insisted. Then, “Okay, I’ll
bore you with it but tell nobody ever! Her name was
Becky and she was very experienced. She got me
drunk one night in our dorm and started to lick
me… and I have to say no man can lick a pussy
like another woman.