“You do her as well?” he asked.

“Oh yes and she was so very sweet tasting. We
sucked each other’s nipples so much the first two
months of school I started lactating and we had to
ease up.” She continued to talk of her two years
away at school that could fill a novel.

Bill was stiff as a pipe now and had to make a
move. “Dee, how about I offer you a more laidback
place to talk?”

She replied, “Sure, where to?”

“Well, how about my suite?”

Dee said yes but that she had to be home by 8:00
because folks were expecting her. Bill almost ran
her to the elevator and once inside he held her arm
as she looked like she was about to fall. In the
process he slipped my hand to her breast getting a
good feel.

He quickly opened his door and took her into his
bedroom. Setting on the bed, her skirt way above
her knees, he could no longer hold back. He leaned
forward to steady her and took a big liberty
slipping his hand up her thigh on to her wet pussy.
Dee put up no resistance so he continued to work
her pussy getting a finger inside.

To his surprise her hand dropped to his lap,
feeling his hardening cock, rubbing and stroking it
through his pants.

“Here Dee,” he said as he unzipped my jeans. “Get a
firm grasp on this.” To his delight she slipped
from her sitting position on the bed and knelt on
the floor grabbing his cock and started to give him
a blowjob.

Bill groaned in pleasure, thinking to himself,
‘This girl sure knew how to suck cock.’ Dee’s
tongue circled the shaft as she slurped the wetness
she had applied. Deeper and deeper she took his
length, bobbing her head down to the root, then
licking the swollen head.

‘Damn!” Bill thought, this was the best head he’d
had ever had and how close he was to filling her
mouth with his cum. Dee hummed as she sucked, then
took him deep as if to swallow my entire rod.

Bill told her that she was a great at sucking cock.
She thanked him and continued to her work. As Bill
looked down as her she held his pole and took a
long lick up the shaft. He could see a thick layer
of pre-cum on her lips and tongue and he felt as
though his dick would explode.

He pulled her up and got her on the bed and pushed
her skirt up and tore her panties off. ‘Damn! this
woman was ready, her pussy was lathered up with
juice, slippery and warm,’ he thought in wonder.

Bill slipped his stiff dick into her and she moaned
with pleasure. ‘This was one hot fuck,’ he thought
to myself.

As Bill thrust, Dee opened her blouse and he pushed
up her bra to reveal her very hard nipples. Just as
he was about to suck on her nips a knock at the
door to his room, Ralph was looking for him, he’d
forgotten all about the fact that they were to