“Damn it, I’ll be right back,” he whispered to her.

Opening the door, there stood both Ralph and Tom
and before Bill could speak, Tom said, “Where is
she, we want some too.” Just like hounds they made
their way into the room.

Tom had his dick out and Ralph was not far behind.
Dee was startled by the intrusion but quickly
recovered. Bill apologized to her expecting her to
start screaming and said he’d send them away.

Ralph spoke up quickly, half joking, saying that a
foursome would be nice.

To the guy’s amazement, Dee agreed as she reached
out to hold his cock. She must have matured a lot
in the past two years, at least her sex drive had,
Bill thought.

Tom called Bill aside asking if this seemed safe.
He didn’t know but sure as heel wouldn’t pass up an
impromptu orgy. Tom agreed and they went back to
the bed. Ralph, the sly dog, was getting a wet
blowjob while the other two had been conferring.

Tom started pulling his clothes off. Ralph watched
Tom undress, then suddenly groaned, saying he was
about to cum.

To all of our surprise Dee didn’t waver, not one
bit, nor did she pull away, she just worked his
cock faster and concentrated on his balls too.

Old Ralph shouted as he blew a big thick load into
her mouth and Dee just let the excess drool out the
corners of her mouth but swallowed the majority of
the deposit.

Tom was very anxious and wanted to be first in her

Now, a little about Tom. He could be a little
forward and to us at work a bit pushy being very
confident. I had been friends with him for years,
we often hunted and fished together but there was
one thing he enjoyed more than anything and that
was a tight pussy. The other thing about Tom, and
that was that he was very well endowed, long and
very thick. And according to Tom, his wife would
only get part of it in and rarely gave him a

Tom whispered instructing me to get in front of her
and let her suck my cock while he worked his dong
in her velvet glove. I told Tom to take it easy
because I wanted to fuck her too and not have her
run away.

Dee had another quick drink and was in no pain so
the time was right. Dee clamped onto my stiff dick
and began to work its length. Without any notice
Tom found his mark as he pushed his big cock head
into her pussy.

Dee dropped my cock as she vaulted forward. “What
the hell are trying to push into me?!” she yelled.

“Hang on,” Tom said, “it’s just my cock honey.”

Dee spun around and came face to face with it. Tom
quickly calmed her down assuring her he’d take it