To all our surprise, Dee just smiled and said, “Go
ahead stud, but be slow and if I tell you to pull
out you better do it.”

Tom agreed. He pulled Dee up into the doggy
position and got behind her. He slowly worked big
ol’ cock into her love tunnel. “Oh fuck Dee, your
pussy is tight. I’m going to fill you so fucking
full of my jizz it’ll be oozing out of you for

By now Ralph was back and for the first time
witnessed Tom’s monster cock filling Dee’s pussy.
“Holy shit Tom! You’re going to split her in two.”

“Come on Dee, let ride you like a cowboy at the
rodeo, I want to see your tits bounce as you take
my dong,” Tom shouted as he thrust into Dee’s hot
moist pussy.

“C’mon Tom,” I said. “Finish up I need to fuck her

Tom had well more than half his monster in Dee’s
cunt, when white cum began to spurt its way around
his dick and down his balls. “Oh baby, don’t pull
away, I am cumming in you, you feel SO fucking
good,” Tom gasped as he still pumped into her.

After Tom was done with her, they helped her up and
what a sight, her pussy was still stretched out and
a torrent of Tom’s thick white cum oozed out of her
gash. “Holy shit Tom, how long has it been since
you’ve cum? There must be a cup full there?” Randy

Tom didn’t respond but quickly scrambled around in
front of Dee and to everyone’s amazement she licked
his tool clean. Then finally as Dee pulled
reluctantly away from Tom’s softening cock, he
said, “Okay Randy, go ahead and fill her up.”

Tom had left so much cum in Dee’s cunt that Randy
couldn’t think of going in bareback so he got a
rubber and resumed the activity.

Well, they all had her at least twice that day and
she also swallowed three loads before they were
done. Afterwards, Dee had a little too much to
drink so Bill drove her back in her old Chevy while
Tom followed.

As Bill helped out of her car she thanked him for a
good time and said that she hoped they could do it
again sometime. Then she said that nobody was home
yet, if we wanted to come in. Both men declined,
feeling pretty spent by then.

As Dee stood next to her car Bill told her there
was a trace of cum on her dress and to be sure to
clean up before anyone got home. That was the last
he saw of her and as each holiday season comes
around he couldn’t help but think of that casino