You did not misread that and I did not see it wrong. How could I? I was only watching the entire damn thing unfold before my eyes. I guess it couldn’t be helped, I wasn’t direct enough about my feelings, but for the love of God she was such a shy girl, how was I supposed to know she had it in her to even do something like this, let alone with my mom?!

If I had to be honest I think it all began a few weeks back. I had actually finally got up the courage to bring up the “big question” during one of our days out. It had to be during the day time unfortunately, the whole lockdown thing makes even open businesses close early and luckily for us one place was open near by for dine ins. Finally a piece of normality.

So I’m just casually talking and eating with my girlfriend whenever I tried to bring up the topic in a subtle way. I had the perfect way to slip it in so casually, yet because i was just as shy as her I dropped the ball when the time came to act. I knew I couldn’t go back so I just asked her and it didn’t go so well. Not that she was upset with me, but more that she was just as awkward feeling as I was now. Needless to say lunch was a disaster.

This is just what happened recently. I supposed it also doesn’t help that I talk about my mother a lot, but I’m not a Mama’s boy or anything, she just literally is my last family member still in the same city I’m in, so she’s close by. I can still picture her to be honest and secretly I’ve memorized everything about her;

the way her half latina skin was slightly tanned all naturally by the beach sun, how her dark brown hair had matured to brown over the years into a lovely black and young strands of silver that were only high lighted by those purple streaks she would put in her hair for extra color, making sure her finger and toe nails matched. Her plump motherly figure was almost like something you would see out of an anime, but still realistic as she kept her milfy “fluffy” figure, but obviously was only very lightly chubby.

Whenever I would visit her I would normally see her in her soft silky looking pink robe. She would always have a problem with the straps as one shoulder would always be uncovered while the other was fine. Her cleavage wasn’t very hidden due to how she wore her robe. Lastly she won’t admit to outgrowing it as sometimes you could catch the bottom of her bare ass. I always wondered if she wore a bra at all. She had to though, I mean otherwise her tits would droop by now.

I confess, I’m attracted to her. It’s unusual, but that was me. I’m sorry for being this way, but what am I supposed to do? I’m pretty sure labotamies were not a thing for years. Anyways though, as for my girlfriend? She’s a little sweetheart. I’ll admit she is basically a smaller and nerdier version of my mother without the grays or extra color oh and the tan. Maybe it was a mental thing to want someone like my mom, at least in physical appearance.