My name is Emma until recently I guess I’d lived a steady life. Done nothing to risky or excessive. I have a husband who I love even after 25 years of marriage we are still close and two grown up c***dren, at 50 I’m fit and healthy and pride myself on keeping myself looking youthful and keeping my size 12 figure.
I have what you may say is a top high-profile job with the City Council, it pays well but has its stresses.

I can remember the period of time life changed for me, looking back now it was like the big bang in more ways than one!

My husband Paul is a kind caring loyal man who has given me unbelievable support that has allowed me to follow my career. But increasingly I felt something was missing in my life, I have a good man and good home and c***dren, well I say c***dren they are adults now and have moved on.
Sexually Paul and I have a ‘steady sex life’ nothing adventurous but certainly it doesn’t happen enough for me but I guess I’ve learned to live with that as a compromise to his support

On the day it all changed we had been under pressure in work, an audit was proving difficult to pass and the stress levels were high in the office, we passed that audit and to celebrate that and relieve the stress I organised drinks after work for the staff and we invited the audit team along.
I sat in my office an hour before drinks, when the Lead Auditor Abram Patel came in, he was a fit man tall well-built man of Asian origin, mid-thirties he had a reputation as being a bit of a womaniser, he had an almost steely character, which I assumed was part of his auditor role, he also had a magnetic character, strong silent and charming.
“are you going to have a drink with us Abram” I enquired “I will” he said “I have another night here so travel back to London tomorrow”. I noticed as he spoke his eyes seemed to scan me over, if it was any other person, I would have said something but that aura he had around him that made you feel you were almost grateful that he was eyeing you up.
His eyes seemed to focus on my cleavage, I was wearing a tight electric blue dress that sat just above the knee and the v in the neck line plunged down to my breasts which were sat up in part due to the fact I’m lucky they are still pert and part due to my bra.
“you’re looking good today Emma, that lovely blonde hair is striking against your dress” Abram spoke looking me in the eye “it will be good to get more acquainted over drinks” his eyes didn’t steer away from mine once, unusually I blushed a little and looked away to the floor, I felt a little like a school girl who had her first crush, my heart raced before I composed myself.
Pulling myself together I said “yes see you in an hour Abram” his reply flicked with me again “you will Emma you will”