Erotic Fiction

Can’t Say No

I couldn’t concentrate all week thinking about the massage at the hotel Abram had arranged for me. I knew of the hotel but had never been there, it was a 5-star hotel so I thought it must have been pretty good.
I think Paul my husband must have cottoned on to something as I guess now looking back, I was pretty distant, in my own little world, a dirty sex filled little world that I was loving.
Eventually I told Paul I was heading into town to the hotel for a meeting at the hotel, even though I’d never actually had a massage before.

On the day I was slightly nervous with a few butterflies in my stomach, what to wear, what would happen, what would the guy be like who was doing the massage?
I decided to dress in a patterned yellow light summer dress and had on a white pair of knickers that had a good V shape along the line of my legs down to my pussy and had a matching white low-cut bra. I felt free and easy wearing that it didn’t seem too restrictive and a quick look in the mirror had me feeling good about my look.

Abram text me just before I went in
‘enjoy today it is something special I have arranged, you’re not to say no to anything!!’
It was by now to me a typical command by Abram, even if it was in a text, I knew the score now, I wasn’t going to disobey him.

At the hotel I was greeted by Joe the manager, “hello you must me Emma” he said with a broad smile” “hi”, that’s right I am” I replied a little nervously.
“well Abram is one of very best customers and has arranged a special afternoon, so please follow me and relax this is your day to be spoilt”

I followed Joe through the hotel and into the leisure area the pool and spa were lovely with just a few people around. Joe spoke again, “we have a bathing suit for you that Abram has brought for you so you can start by enjoying the pool and the spa, this is Sofia she will be your host for the afternoon”
I looked around to see a very beautiful tall dark-haired young girl, she had beautiful golden-brown skin and dark eyes. She had on a sort of white lab coat that was just above the knee and had pop up buttons that stopped around her cleavage.

“hello” I said sheepishly not expecting a woman to be my host. “hello” Sofia replied in an Eastern European accent. “if you would like to get changed through there” there is a glass of champagne waiting for you.
I opened the changing room door to see marbled walls and floor with flowers around and a glass of champagne waiting for me. I opened the wrapped present that Abram had left to find a beautiful red bikini, with a note that read ‘relax, enjoy and don’t say no’ the last bit left me perplexed a few times now Abram has said don’t say no I wondered what he had planned and what he meant?