Margaret Wallace was your average, everyday housewife.
She was born and raised in Queens, NY. She got married
right out of high school at the age of 19 to her high
school sweetheart, David. They were perfect for each

They actually waited until their wedding night before
they had sex. They were two young kids who basically did
what they were told to do by their parents. Margaret was
a sweet, young woman who was always willing to help out a
person in need.

David worked for his father in the family business. His
father owned a Deli in Queens and was planning to retire
soon. He was going to hand over the Deli to David and
move to Florida. The Deli was in a good location and did
a lot of business. With a little help from David’s
father, they were able to purchase a small home in
Westchester County, NY.

David’s Father wanted them to stay in Queens, close to
the store. But the young couple decided that they wanted
get out of Queens. They wanted to move to upper
Westchester and start a family. They were tired of living
in the city. They were fed up with the noise, the crime,
and the hustle and bustle of living in the city.

They loved their new home. They lived on a 3-acre plot
that was surrounded by woods. Their closest neighbor was
about 300 yards away. They loved the peace and quiet that
living north of NYC afforded them. Even David’s father
who was against them moving to Westchester County loved
the house. He loved the peace and quiet.

He loved nighttime the most. It was unlike living in a
city where you heard cars going by honking, people
yelling at each other kids, playing loud music as they
drove by your house at all times of the night. The sound
of crickets rubbing their wings at night was the only
sound they ever heard.

Margaret worked three days a week at the Deli with her
husband and the rest of the week she went to Westchester
Community College in Valhalla. She wanted to become a
nurse because she loved helping people in need. In
Margaret’s eyes, she had a perfect life. She had a
husband who loved her and a nice home where she planned
to raise their children.

They ran into their neighbors one day while they were out
shopping in town. The talked for a while to the older
couple. It was close to noon so they all decided to have
lunch together. The Johnstons had lived in their house
for around 15 years.

The ladies were chatting about where to shop and stuff
and the men where talking about their commutes to work.
Mrs. Johnston abruptly stopped talking when she heard her
husband say,

“Have you guys been down to the lake yet?”

David looked confused, He hadn’t seen any lake and wasn’t
sure what Mr. Johnston was talking about.