Chapter 23 – Order of the Chalice

Shortly after my time with Jackie, Steve dropped by the shop late one morning. We talked as he purchased a few things for Jackie. It was lunch time by the time he completed his purchases. I got permission for Susan to go have lunch with Steve. We went to a café nearby, ordered cocktails and a light lunch. He gave me his overview of the formal dance weekend and I didn’t let on that I had already talked with his Jackie. “We had non-stop sex…don’t worry, I was gentle,” he assured me. “She is one sexy woman. I think she had fun and I know that I did! I’m pretty sure she orgasmed once or twice.

“Anyway, I have something for you…” Seeing my reaction, he added quickly, “No, you sexy little redhaired cumslut, not that…well not now at least. He then continued to tell me about his fraternity’s “Order of the Chalice”. I wasn’t sure if I should believe him or not; it sounded too good to be true. He said it was a select, “by invitation only” group of coeds who passed a special interviewing process. To be admitted, the girl had be attractive, have a high interest in sex, have an open mind, and be sponsored by a male member. It sparked my interest and I agreed to have Steve nominate me. I would masquerade as the fantasy coed, “Katie”. We parted after lunch and a warm hug. I congratulated him on his time with Jackie.

Finally, the evening came for my induction into this mystical “Order of the Chalice” at Steve’s fraternity. Other than the instructions in the card I had received, the one with the logo of a stemmed chalice on it, I knew little but suspected a lot. I had coordinated the scheduling of my “interviews” to coincide with Liam’s business travel. I was ready, willing and able to participate in these required “interviews”.

The card came addressed to “Katie”, the name Steve had used to introduce me to his brothers. It read: “Mistress Katie, you have been recommended as a suitable candidate for the honorable Order of the Chalice. Entry to his elite group of young women is by invitation only and involves an interview session with the Masters of the Order. Please report this Friday evening at 10pm. Arrive wearing conservative clothing but do bring a pair of high heels in a discrete parcel. Tell no one of the Order of the Chalice, this invitation, or your interview process.” And it was signed by “The Head Master”.

Steve had told me very little other than he had arranged for my “interview” knowing that Liam was away and I was available. I dressed in jeans, a pullover top, and flat shoes. Steve had suggested that I do apply makeup, so I had on my false eye lashes, silver eyeliner, heavy mascara and pink lipstick. I thought I looked good, like an innocent school girl who was hiding her “naughty” side.