Chav life part Two.

To make sense of this story please read part one first.

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After drinking half of the bottle of the wine I had taken upstairs with me, I must have passed out, coupled with the effects of the d**gs, and the exhausting sex I had indulged in.

I looked at the clock and saw it was seven am. I must have slept through the evening and straight through the night. I ran a bath and made myself a coffee and grabbed my laptop.

I was planning to go shopping with Dean in a few hours time and thought I would look for a few ideas first. I slipped out of the denim miniskirt I had been wearing, noticing the spunk stains on it, and the dried cum on my stockings.

I then pulled off the slinky red tshirt and saw the yellowing bruise of the lovebite Dean had been kind enough to leave on my left breast. It hurt as I explored it with my fingers, but I was mesmerised by it and pleased by my badge of honour.

I only realised how sore I was when I lowered my ass and pussy into the warm bath water. Both looked red and swollen and stinged as they hit the water. Reluctantly I washed Dean’s cum from my body and then, sipping my coffee, went online to look for sexy clothing ideas I could wear for Dean.

I soon came across some very sexy leggings by a company called slinkystylez. The videos looked amazing as they were so tight fitting and shiny. I knew I would have to buy a few pairs, especially the ones designed to show off a camel toe, and to stimulate the pussy whilst wearing them.

I would need to measure myself to order them so slipped out of the bath and found a measuring tape. I soon ordered the leggings and then looked for something that would help me take Dean in my ass easier. I found myself on a sex toy site and was amazed at the range of anal play toys they had. I added a quite a few things to my basket and was quite thrilled being so naughty as I clicked buy.

I noticed time had gone by and miss perfect would soon be up. I hadn’t even put on my phone yet to see if Dean had messaged me. I went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast for Jane and myself. As I waited I turned on my phone, eager to see if my lover had sent me any texts.

Just as miss perfect came into the kitchen, looking apprehensive at what my mood would be like, My phone pinged and I was delighted to see Dean had sent me a text. I tried to read it as Jane droned on in the background.

“Hi Kay, Just loved yesterday I can’t wait to see you again. I can’t believe it is real. It was so hot fucking like that. hope you still want to see me Dean.”