I will not bore you with all the drama details when I caught my husband cheating with a co-worker two years ago. We went through all the human emotions. I almost left and divorced him, but he talked me into staying after he said he would do anything to keep the marriage together. I said, “Ok, you agree to let me come and go with no questions, no problems. You won’t know what I did, who I was with, where I went. I will not promise to remain faithful.” He agreed and the following Friday night after supper, I put on a hot outfit I bought during the day. It fit my body like it was sprayed on. Low cut, braless, open back, short skirt, and sexy. He saw me leave without a word. I did not know where to go so I drove around and found a nightclub and was admitted in free by the door guy.

After dancing with several guys, drinking free drinks bought by them, I changed my mind about having sex with any of them and left alone. I chickened out. I felt as if I had paid hubby back by making him worry and think about my being out on the town alone. I went to a big store and shopped around just to kill time and then went home. He asked no questions, said nothing at all except that his buddy from the US Marine Corps was coming to visit tomorrow, Saturday, and stay until Monday. He had stayed in the military and was about to go to Japan for 3 years. He didn’t try to have sex that night and he slept late in the morning.

I got up and peeled some potatoes for breakfast and remembered my husband said his friend was coming to visit. I vacuumed the living room and den and a guest room, put new towels in that bathroom, and got in the shower. I had just picked out what I was going to wear and put it on when the doorbell rang. Hubby had awakened and now in the shower so I answered the door.

“Hi, I’m Deshaun.” a tall, muscular, very black man said. I had assumed my husband’s friend would be white so I was surprised. “Yes, we are expecting you. Welcome.” and I moved back so he could come inside. “He is in the shower, should be right out. Hope you are hungry. I am making breakfast.” Deshaun did not have a handsome face but obviously was athletic. His muscles had muscles. Big shoulders, biceps,hands, thighs as big as my 25 inch waist. He looked sharp in his uniform. I felt his eyes on me as I prepared a big breakfast of eggs, potatoes, bacon, ham, biscuits, coffee.

During breakfast they talked about boring military stuff and then he went to his car and got his luggage and I showed him to his room. I saw in the mirror as I left the room he was staring at my ass. When I got back from the liquor store and grocery store with his brand of bourbon and two cases of beer, snacks, Deshaun was in “civies” he called his comfortable clothes. Sweatpants and muscle shirt looked hot on this muscular, very black man. He was polite and flirted in a respectful way telling my husband he had a trophy wife and he should be glad she is married. They started drinking and having a good time about noon and skipped lunch. I saw Deshaun lusting after me when my hubby wasn’t looking or busy opening more beer bottles.