I walked in our house Friday afternoon to the sounds of two women giggling and chatting upstairs. I climb the stairs listening to Cheryl and an unknot female voice in the bedroom.

“You look stunning, and so slutty in that outfit, sweetie,” Cheryl congratulates the unknown woman who giggle in reply.

“You should definitely wear that this evening,” Cheryl adds, then lets out a little cry of pain.

I turn the corner into our bedroom to see Cheryl sitting slightly sideways on our bed, right leg up and her ankle wrapped in an elastic bandage. She wore a light blue, sheer robe, nude underneath the diaphanous material.

“Oh, hi, honey,” she smiles broadly, “this is my new friend, Jill, we met at the mall today in the Naughty Lady boutique.”

I turned to a saucy looking brunette, with a great set of jugs, and a pixie face. She stood a few feet away in a very form fitting, pale yellow dress. Her tits were barely contained in the scoop necked dress, pushed up by a shelf bra. I also noticed she wore a black pair of hose and red patten leather high heels.

“Very sexy, Jill, that dress really shows of those beautiful tits,” I commented crudely as I stepped over to her, reaching out and cupping her breasts in the palms of my hands.

“Mmm, Cheryl said you area tit lover,” Jill retorted in a cooing voice.

I dropped her tits, now sliding my right hand down her side, across her tummy, and now to her pubic mound. I groped her pussy, easily discovering she was nicely clean shaven.

“Yes, Cheryl was kind enough to help me shave my pussy,” she again cooed.

“I was trying on some shoes when I slipped and twisted my ankle rather badly,” Cheryl commented as I turned back to my wife.

“Jill is a very hot little slut, nice big tits,”

“34DD,” Jill replied.

“So, I am afraid we are not able to go out to the porn theater for our regular, Friday night Cheryl’s entertainment evening,” Cheryl added as she pointed to her wrapped ankle.

“So, Cheryl and I met while she sat crying on the store floor, wincing in pain,” Jill continued, “so, we got her ankle wrapped, and started talking, then went to lunch, on the Naughty Lady Boutique.”

“My hubby, Josh and I have talked in depth about us being what you two are, a hot, fun couple,” Jill smiled at me, then at Cheryl.

“So we came back here, and had a little girl-girl fun, then started trying on outfits for her,” Cheryl interjected, “deciding Jill should be the new entertainment for the evening at the porn theater.”

“Sounds good to me, I get to try some new hot cunt, and show her off to the horny studs in the theater,” I commented, my right hand groping her lovely ass as we continued our ribald conversation.

An hour later the three of us were in the kitchen, fixing a quick dinner and waiting for Josh to loin us.