�Camera… up and running……… white balance… set……… microphones are on…… ok, all ready!� Mike was eager to get this shoot exactly right.

He was in heavens last week when his new High Definition camera was delivered, and after elaborately trying out all its new features, he was ready to put it to use.

At 22.45 h. his doorbell rang. Mike quickly jumped up the stairs to let his guests in.

Swinging the door open he was greeted with the sight of two fairly well-built young men, surrounding a small 17 year old girl cowering shyly in between them. After greeting his old friends and the young girl, he showed them in, then looked out over the massive driveway of his mansion.

Smiling to himself, he knew he made the right choice moving here, far away from lady justice, surveillance and unwanted visitors.

Sipping from a cold glass of lemon soda, Cheryl just sat silently on the couch in the living-room, picking up shards of the conversation the 3 men were having: something about a new camera Mike bought, other girls and the movies they made with them, last night’s football game…

Mike still looked the same, even after all the years she’s known him by now.

So did Joshua, her regular companion when she’s in front of Mike’s lens.

24 years old, athletically built, but still with a touch of ‘young boy’-look that made him kinda cute.

Now this new guy that was meant to play along, he was a scary one: massively built, a voice like Sylvester Stallone and a face that made you believe he’d break you to pieces if you ever crossed him.

Even more scaring, the creep hadn’t said a word to her all this time: not when they first met at Joshua’s – where she only got a handshake that felt like a rock – not during the 2 hour drive, and even now… not a word. Just cold staring eyes rolling over her body… like a freshly sharpened razor, grazing over her clearly visible skin…

Although focussing on the conversation at hand, Marco found plenty of time to scan Cheryl’s skinny figure from top to bottom. The tiny black dress she was wearing left lots of places uncovered, and was stretched so tightly around the parts where it didn’t, he could still make out the distinguishable contours of her small body. He really got lucky with this one.

She looked so sweet sitting there: thin, blond, straight hair reaching just till her shoulders, a soft round face, big blue eyes…

Scanning further down his eyes catched her young developing breasts. Wearing no bra under her dress, the small, spherical elevations on her chest were clearly visible, hinting the outlines of her large nipples through the black, silk fabric. God, he was gonna take some fun out of those things…

His eyes dropped further… a flat stomach, hips which had hardly started to fill out.

And emerging out from under her short dress, those long, muscled legs of hers, showing the result of 10 years of gymnastics. He could control his urge, but was really eager to start.