Christmas Eve and a Present to remember

It was Christmas Eve in the clothing store, my girlfriend was locking up, so I popped into the changing rooms to try out that last minute present from her, a pair of new trousers.
I could hear the keys rattling in the lock as I slipped out of my jeans and Fairytale of New York from the piped music.
I undid my belt and slipped them down,wearing nothing underneath today, hoping for a little fun later I’d decided to go ‘combat’. As they slid over my legs and onto the floor, looking at my reflection in the mirror at my flaccid dick I couldn’t help but give it a few gentle tugs, bringing it to life, thinking about fucking my girlfriend when we got home. I turned to notice the curtain sliding to one side, perfectly manicured nails slowly revealed my girlfriends stockinged legs leading my eyes upwards over her suspenders and showing the shortest sexiest Santa skirt I’d ever seen. Her bright red top so tight, hugging her ample tits, barely holding them in, unbuttoned just enough to show her tits straining against it thrusting them in my direction.
“ No need to waste that” she said “I wondered if you’d like one of your presents a little early ?” her lips pouting inviting me to kiss her.
“Do you like my outfit” ? Fuck did I like it, she looked fucking stunning !!
I kicked my trousers to the corner of the cubicle as she pulled the curtain wide open to show me her outfit. Wow what a gorgeous site, not caring if the doors were properly locked I pulled her towards me, My cock began to grow even more, springing up for the sexy Santa in front of me, quickly standing to attention as her hand wrapped around my hard freshly shaved cock slowly stroking my cock, rolling my balls between her fingers teasing them even more, brushing my dick against her stockings as she rubbed it.
My hands brushed their way along her thigh, over her black stockings and pulling her black lacy panties to one side. I pushed first one, two then three fingers inside her smooth shaved cunt.
She whispered softly in my ear making the hair on my neck stand up sending a tingling sensation down my body right through to my balls “ I want you to fuck Mrs Santa, right here, right now”
Her pussy was so wet her juices dripping down my fingers as I pushed them faster and faster inside her at the same time rubbing her clit, making a squelching sound each time I pushed them inside.
She quickly tore off her red top tugging at the white furry trimming to reveal her gorgeous tits. Nipples hard from rubbing along the velvet like material, a bead of sweat slowly trickling between them as she started to pant, my tongue eagerly licked the perspiration then circled her nipples, feeling them on my tongue.
Now I wanted her and could not control it anymore, flipping her over she gripped the back of a chair, parting her legs for me. Lifting the short red skirt slightly she turned to face me with a cheeky grin. I thrust my now rock hard dick deep inside her with one great push. I felt every vein every inch of my hard swollen cock slide along the walls of her sopping pussy, slowly drawing out to my bulbous bell end before plunging deeper still inside her cunt. Faster now and holding onto her shapely hips I powered my dick deeper and deeper till I thought I would push it out through her belly. My balls slapped rhythmically against her ass, slap, slap, slap slap, as I pumped into her, my hands now making there way under her smooth stomach so I could tease and cup her tits. The more I pulled at her nipples the harder they got for me, pulling and rolling them between my fingers.
“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck” she shouted “I want your cum now, I want your spunk for Christmas, Santa is going to be your dirty bitch tonight”
She started to grind into me pushing me further, deeper, faster wriggling her hips so she cold feel my dick around every bit of her cunt lips and I knew I could not hold back any more. I felt my balls tighten up and my cum start to build up feeling it as it rose through my dick.
“All over my Arse, I want you to spray your spunk all over me” she cried. And I had no option but duly oblige I couldn’t stop it now anyhow. I pulled out my dick just as it began to twitch and pulse uncontrollably sending jet after jet of my hot spunk flying all over her sexy Santa outfit some landing on her skirt, some on her stockings but saving the most for her gorgeous round ass.
As I stopped she turned around dropping to her knees to suck and lick every drop of my hot cum, cleaning my dick swallowing it eagerly up before licking her lips slightly smearing her bright red lipstick as she did.
Needless to say that was the best early Christmas present I’ve had in a long time, one I’ll remember for many many years.