Lyn and I had become accepted as an item by the students at uni and also by the church it was approaching Christmas although I phoned Mom at least once a week I hadn’t told her of my involvement with Lyn. Yes I know it’s cowardly and I know I have got to tell her because I won’t be going home for Christmas. I had moved in with Lyn on a semi permanent basis there weren’t many nights I sleep alone.

I finally picked up the courage and my phone pressed speed dial swallowed and answered Mom after the usual how are you doing and health I got around to tell Mom I had met some else Mom’s reply I’m pleased I knew you would. The two nights we spent together I will always remember those two nights of love they were special and yes I do love you its your future happiness matters now tell me all about it’.

I explained how Lyn and I met and her vocation as a Vicar I could almost hear Mom raise her eyebrows she suggested coming up for Christmas and meeting up with Yvette I could hear the wheels working overtime I had a good guess at what’s going through her mind a foursome. I was fascinated by the idea of being bed with the two ladies I love most of all would be fantastic I felt unsure about Yvette as I haven’t seen her since I met Lyn. Yvette and Lucy were in the past although I still saw Lucy in class and we were on speaking terms she was seeing a second year Med student. I explained to Mom about not feeling comfortable with Yvette as she hadn’t heard from her the idea was dropped to a threesome.

I knew Lyn had a number of lovers in the past that goes without saying but would she accept the idea of Mom joining the two of us in bed. I walked from uni to Lyn’s my mind in turmoil Has usual when Lyn opened the door as usual there was big smile on her face she hugged me asking if I had phoned Mom I explained I had told her about the two of us and she was coming over for Christmas.
Lyn looked at me knowing there was more, Lyn was perceptive I couldn’t hide anything from Lyn she knew without asking the question I mentioned Mom’s idea of joining us in a threesome Lyn nodded why not she was your first lover but not at an hotel ‘when you next phone ask if she will stay here’ Lyn was very discrete the last thing she wanted were headlines in the Press (Lesbian Vicar caught in threesome sex romp) I understood Lyn worries and always did my best to avoid any hint of scandal.

I heard later from Lyn she had phoned Mom to break the ice more than anything and to introduce herself they had quite a chat and were on friendly terms by the end she could see no problems.
It was Christmas eve we were both in the church getting ready for the Christmas services when Mom arrived suitcase in hand. She gave us both hugs and kisses.