I consider myself a somewhat happily married 36 year old mother of two boys.my husband has gone from being a attentive caring affectionate stud to a unavailable useless jockstrap. since he’s started working for this corporation he has become Mr. Inconsistent. he always has an excuse when it comes time to spend time with me or the boys. He’s called me up to say “honey I’m gonna be late getting home tonight” so many times and I’m sick of it, as I sit here looking at my wedding ring I’m starting to regret getting married to him. I asked him if he could pick up some things from the grocery store.” honey I wish I could but I gotta work, big project tomorrow.” he tells me, I’ve heard that BS so many times.

One day I go to the Martinizing to drop off a few of my blouses I go in and I am greeted by this handsome tall 30 something guy named Dirk at the counter. He asked me how I’m doing and I told him about my husband and he tells me it’s not right for me to be treated like that. he hopes things get better between us, surprisingly he offered to take me out for coffee and at first I was hesitant but then I thought if my hubby’s gonna be a jerk and not spend time with me why not?

So we met for coffee on my lunch break a few days later. We talked about our busy schedules he’s a lot like me except he’s single and he has no k**s but owning a dry cleaning company takes a lot of work. He told me if he was my husband he’d make time to spend with the k**s and me, he says that quality time with the family takes priority over work any day, he urged me to give the situation with him time to get better.

Unfortunately my husband’s ineptness and lack of affection for me continued, as time went on our two sons began to ask. ”when is dad ever gonna come home?” I began to get incredibly impatient, Dirk and I continued to meet for coffee on my lunch breaks. after leaving the coffee shop one afternoon he asked me if I wanted to stop over at his place I said sure.

We got to his house and we were sitting on his couch talking about work and life. ”Jodi I think you’re very attractive I’m not trying to interfere with your marriage but I hate it that you’re being neglected like this by your husband, I think you and the boys deserve better.” he tells me. I hadn’t had sex with my husband in a month, and I started thinking about what it would be like to be touched again.

He could sense that I was really into him, and he told me that he didn’t want to get in trouble with my husband, but I promised him if we did anything I wouldn’t tell anyone and that this would stay just between us. he touched my thigh and I rubbed his leg and we began kissing on the couch. he reached over and squeezed my tits kissing me on my neck and ears I became open to his aggressive advances he got up off the couch and took me by the hand and led me into his bedroom.