Cléo - a lady of respect

She looks at herself in the bathroom mirror checking the dyed hair, tô hide the whites that no longer stop being born. She carefully examines the roots – I’m glad she thinks, all right.

Cléo puts on her new, red and lacy panties, very expensive! But it is for a good cause, she justified. Goes tô her room looking for the big mirror, at the closet door, open – turns, spins, admires. With an air of frustration.

– It’s no good. Damn it!

She says it out loud. Two weeks and the belly… Hasn’t changed much. She turns around, stands on side and blames herself for the lack of beauty.

– And tô think that younger, uhh!! There were many who wanted me.

Pay attention tô the breasts, small and half fallen. Another shame, another discouragement.

– My God, like this… That way I don’t even have the guts. How am I gonna go with the body like this in a place like that? What was I thinking when accepted Val’s idea.

The phone rings, she searches, and friend’s message appears.

“Are you ready? I’m coming, we can’t be late.”

She writes fast, a short message.

“I’m finishing. Wait for me.

The car leaves the main road and the two continue the conversation.

– No, not Cléo! Stop, stop being afraid. See if it’s time tô give up.

– Val, I don’t look like I wanted. Still look like a fat pig – stewed, like I swallowed a pillow.

– Kákáká… I love your images. Relax, who else do you think goes there? The little girls, the new ones… You see, the vast majority who go on that “farm” are all like us, even more worse…

– And aren’t you ashamed, afraid? Letting a man you’ve never seen give you – a few massages, a few touches… Until you get laid! I don’t know if I leave it get that far.

– Silly, you’re very silly. That’s why Adilson did what he did tô you all these years and you still live with the bastard until today.

– Divorced… And I… I’m about tô change.

– Who separates from their husband and stays in the same house with him for two years.

– You know very well why… The damn apartment doesn’t sell, expensive, and I don’t want tô go out and leave Adilson living there alone.

– What about the apartment you bought?

– What about it? It’s not ready, you saw it yourself.

– There’s nothing missing, you just need tô have courage and move there.

Val makes a gesture by snapping his fingers, without taking his eyes off the dirt road that the car just entered.

– I’ll start living there next month.

– You always say the same thing.

– But I’m not gonna leave Adilson living alone in the other one.

– You got someone tô buy?

– There are people interested in renting.

– And your k**s, what do they think?