Living in a boarding house and being the only female in the house. The three guys are within my age groups (Mark, Gary, and Jim) and one who is much older (Rob) and they are perfect gentle men. Mark, 45, is the youngest for which I have a huge crush on. I thoroughly hate Gary, 50, since he has an unpredictable explosive behavior. Jim, 46, is a very unique and tall individual. Rob, 60, who is the oldest in the house. His girlfriend would come over and I could hear them since he rents the room above me and his bed is presumably above my bed.One afternoon while listening to the television and on the phone in my bedroom, I heard plenty of movement coupled with laughter, and the normal sexual sounds. Fortunately, my call wasn’t one of my philosophical phone calls and it was not on speaker phone. I was getting so hot and bothered that I had my door locked and was naked. I am a highly sensual but fairly attractive woman. Short, stout with dark eye­s, dark hair. 56I-46-44. I have ended my long term relationship with Gerry since it wasn’t going anywhere. Dated a couple more guys (Joe and Marvin), but it didn’t work out and was short lived. I got off the phone and grabbed vibrator and placed it on my clit. I was so wet from Rob’s sexual escapades. My vibrator was on high and it only took 15 minutes to get quietly in tune of Rob’s sexual interlude. Thinking of the last time Gerry got my clit super enlarged for several weeks while thinking of Marvin’s large pierced cock and Joe’s deep kiss as he roughly caress my body. Now Mark and Jim have seen Joe and Marvin and they didn’t like these men, but didn’t recall Gerry. Of course, I only saw Joe was a week and Marvin was for a month separately. When I ended these relationships, I noticed that Mark had a very strong likely to me and the feeling was mutual. But our mutual feelings are to be kept in secret.

Since we lived together we gotten to know each other well where we talk about co-ed housemates would never talk about, but would talk about in private places. Mark rents a room in back of the house where I rent a room in front of the house. One night when I was in room since he wanted to me to hear him play his guitar. He got so hot and bothered, that he told me to get into his bed to cuddle for which I enjoy and miss cuddling. As he cuddled me, we kissed which led into touching and feeling one another. He felt my big tits as I felt his hard-on. Evidently, we have crossed the line as housemates. Our friendship grew much greater than that but it was to our discretion since we don’t want anyone to know, but we do love each other very much.