Not much to this story but I have to tell it because I am proud of myself, LOL.I live in a duplex and I am 68 yo. Not a terrible age by any means but have to admit it is not the most productive time of my life. I have some k**s next door in the late 30 age group. They are trying to find their way and seem to be in love but have their times and arguments, but not often. They work odd hours and are not home together much at the same time. When they are I hear they have quality time, if you know what I mean.

He is not the most masculine man and she is not the most beautiful, by who am I to make the call. Only a few times have I heard an argument but a few morning ago they had a decent morning fight about something. She, Joy, even mentioned about leaving. He went off to work and that was that. Things seem OK for now.

I came home from a day of drinking with the guys and Joy was on her front porch reading and having a glass of wine. I ask if I might go in, get relaxed and come back to join her. Of course was her answer, so I got comfortable in some baggy shorts and shirt, made a Jim and Ginger, and went to my side of the porch and took a seat. Now at 68 I am still in decent shape and proud of it, and at times still get compliments from the younger ladies about my appearence. So I sat facing her and we started to chat. Nothing important was said but as I sat there I picked up on her upset side about her boyfriend and them not spending much time together. I told her they were young and we would work it out, that they had plenty of time to deal with things and to be flexible. It will work out. All along I am building up a decent hard on and I believe it is starting to show. As I mentioned, she is not a beauty but as she sat there I noticed she didn’t have a bra on and had some nice size tits. Also, she has very pale skin which made me think that pussy had to be a pretty pink laying against those white thighs. My cock is finding it’s way down my boxer leg and about to make it’s way out of the baggy shorts. Now it is not that long but it is fat and I know it was a matter of time. You can only shift positions so many time until it is obvious. I even reach down and moved it a few times to hide but she saw.

I mention maybe building a fire in my backyard, she was all about it, so I did. The backyard is very dark and only the fire cast any type of light. I get it going and she brings a chair out and sits right beside me. She said she didn’t want to be in the smoke, seems innocent. Again we chat but things seem to go a different direction. She had brought her wine with her and as time progressed she got a buzz. She brought up MY younger days and what kind of a guy was I. I was honest, I had been married and divorce, had 2 grown k**s and chased pussy for the last 30 years. She asked about my record of pussy chasing, I told her it was above average that I had done well, continue to do so. She seemed interested and ask if I had heard they fucking next door. I told her I had and she ask what I thought. I told her I had laid there several times and stroked my cock. She was embarassed but excited. Asked if I had gotten off and I told her I had. To that, she said “so you still have some spunk”. To that I reach up my pant leg and pulled out my rock hard cock. I grabbed her hand and put it on my cock. She didn’t know what to do but eventually I felt tug on it. With no one around to see, I told her to do as she wished with it. She gave me a good hand job from her chair but I wanted her on her knees. I backed my chair up and she took the hint. Before she knelt down I took her top off and saw those big tits for the first time They were very nice, not to firm but very full with hard nipples. I played with them a few minutes and guide her to my cock, which by now was about to explode. She had great experience at sucking cock and when I popped off she never missed a drop. She came up to kiss me and ask if I would fuck her. I have to admit, it took alittle awhile but with her help I got semi hard enough to slid it in her. She was soaked and it didn’t take long for her to cum, which was massive cum job.