This is a total fantasy based on a real person so her name is changed. It is also based on the fact that we did go to high school together and our lives did not cross paths until this year. Now we did not go to a reunion and we did not have sex, but the fantasies I had about her in my younger days did happen and they continue today. Don’t like the story? Planning to give it a thumbs down? Why not add a comment and tell me why you disliked it.

Connie knelt in front of me and within seconds my fly was open and my erection was in her hands. She looked up at me and kissed the tip of my cock and said, “I should have done this to you 50 years ago.” She opened her mouth and pressed the tip of my cock between her lips like she was going to suck a lolly pop. Her full lips were wet and warm and I nearly buckled at the knees with the erotic nature of this meeting.

Connie and I graduated in the same class in 1970, at the time she was the hottest girl in our class. You know the type, beautiful beyond description, cheer leader, class president, and dating the star football player. Me? Well I was a nerd that cared more about math and physics, and yes I carried a slide rule around on my belt and had 6 pens and pencils in a pocket protector. Yes, I was that guy you all laughed at and did not date during my high school years.
Connie After 50 Years
I spent most of my time in study of the classes that interested me. But like every adolescent I learned the joy of an orgasm and spent a fair amount of time fantasizing about what it would be like to be with a girl. And Connie lived rent free in my mind. Had she known the number of times I looked at a polaroid photograph I swiped out of her boyfriend’s gym locker she would have thought I was a real pervert.

I enlisted in the navy right out of high school because the draft was breathing down my neck. Connie, the vision in my head with nearly every jerk off session, went to the same college as that football player and I lost track of her from there. Fast forward to 2020 and the 50th class reunion was scheduled.

I had no plans to attend but while in my hometown for a visit one of my fellow nerds from back then encourage me to go. “All the cliques are gone, we all look our age, even the hotties aren’t so hot anymore.” So I went, I had no one to impress, I had been successful with an engineering company that assisted me in graduating from college after the navy. I had just retired and decided to get a motel instead of staying with my parents.

As I entered the reunion hall I didn’t recognize a single person. Well one I did, I saw Connie across the room and although she had aged like the rest of us, she still looked like that hot girl I had dreamed about all through high school and most of the way through the navy. I registered, shook hands with a few that reintroduced themselves, and listened to a couple, “I am so important and want to impress you,” guys.