The Club

Brianna was certainly doing her best to distract Heather. While she drove, she slid her hand underneath her red panties and rubbed her pussy, masturbating while she drove. Heather succumbed slightly to her sexed up roommate’s demands and agreed to masturbate with her while they drove. The windows of the car were tinted so nobody could see the two of them, although Brianna ran a red light at one point as she watched her blonde friend pull off her panties and rub her cunt underneath her skirt.

Heather was getting used to being horny all day and was even enjoying the dirty feeling of teasing her friend. Brianna had gone completely crazy for pussy. After taking the clinic d**g and watching the girl-girl videos all day, she was practically brainwashed into being a lesbian.

“You are such a tease, Heather.” Brianna kept looking from the road to her roommate’s bare pussy, rubbing her own as she did. “You sure you don’t want to just spend the night with me?”

Maybe Tim can fuck the black fantasy right out of me, she considered. “I can’t,” she replied. “As bad as you need to be with a woman right now- that’s how much I need some cock.”

“Well, here is your chance.” Brianna pulled into the dance club parking lot and climbed out of the car. Heather looked around and realized her friend had completely passed the grocery store and gone to a club that was a couple miles from their apartment. She never went there because of the ‘element’ but her friends always said they had a good time there. But now wasn’t the time for clubbing. Tim would be over in less than two hours and the last thing she needed was to be around a bunch of other men in her state.

“Brianna, come back!” she called, trotting up behind her roommate. “Where are you going?”

“I’m going inside.” She walked up to the bouncer and showed her ID. The man was about 6’4″ and black and overweight and sweating in his suit in the late Summer evening heat. He eyed Brianna in her schoolgirl outfit and handed back her driver’s license.

Heather stopped in her tracks; she looked at the bouncer and a thousand images of black dicks came flooding back to the typically racist girl.

Black men make me horny.
I am addicted to black cock.
Black men have the biggest dicks.
Black men fuck better.

Damn it, Brianna! You did this on purpose. “Brianna, come back!”

“Hey, was that your friend?” the bouncer asked her.

She looked at him and immediately stole a glance at his crotch. Looking back up she answered, “Yeah, I really need to go talk to her but my purse is locked in the car and she has the key.”

“Hold on a sec.” The bouncer checked the IDs of a big group of people going into the club. It seemed to take forever but when he was done he turned back to her, “Go on in and get your friend’s keys and come back out. Just show me your ID when you get your purse, okay?”