Cream-Filled Mother-in-Law!The soft knock on my bedroom door woke me up and started my heart pounding.

“Come in,” I called. I sat up in my bed and turned, dropping my legs over the side, so I was facing the door.

The door opened and my Mother-in-Law walked into my room, looking incredibly nervous. She was wearing a long, worn bathrobe that, before hundreds of washings, was a pink plaid belted around her waist.

Her fingers clutched the neck of the robe, holding that shut, as if she wanted to be sure nothing showed. Her straight light brown hair fell almost to her bottom. She wore no makeup and wasn’t what some people would call beautiful, but she did have the kind of features that made her a woman you’d notice without being sure why.

Her big brown eyes were open wide and darted around the room, showing her nervousness…or was it fear?

“Come over here, my dear Mother-in-Law” I said softly.

When I spoke, she made a tiny sound something like a cross between a gasp and a moan, then she walked slowly and stiff-legged to the bed I sat on and stood in front of me.

I looked up at her and she looked down at me with “scared deer” eyes.

“Are you sure you want to be here?” I said softly. I wondered if she could hear my heart pounding.

She stared at me for quite a while, then slowly nodded her head.

“All right,” I said. I reached out a hand that I could see was trembling and untied the belt around the waist of her robe. The robe relaxed when the belt was loosed, but since she was still clutching the neck, it remained closed.

“Let go,” I said softly.

She took a deep breath and didn’t move for what seemed like ages. Finally her fingers straightened slowly, releasing the neck of the bathrobe. After she’d released the robe her arms fell to her sides. The robe was still shut. I took a deep breath, reached out, parted it, and was gazing at my Mother-in-Law’s naked body for the first time.

“Oh, God!” I exclaimed.

She quickly lifted her hands and tried to close the robe, but I put my hands on hers and stopped her.

“You…you think I…I’m ugly,” she murmured. Her face was red and she was avoiding looking at me.

“No, dear Mother-in-Law, it’s just the opposite. I think you have an incredible body,” I told her.

Her body curved gracefully from strong shoulders down to a surprisingly small waist, then flared beautifully out into hips that were in exactly the right proportion with the rest of her body. Equally lovely curves led from there to long, strong, and very well formed legs.

“We…we shouldn’t be…doing…this…” She said softly.

I reached out my hand and lightly trailed my fingers over her belly, which was softly rounded and still showed faint stretch marks. She shuddered and gasped.

“Yes, Mother-in-Law, we should be doing this,” I told her. “We both want to.”